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ORS-08 040404PM Short Clip The Passion Road Tonight we follow the Road to Calvary. The journey that Jesus took from Pilate’s Palace to the Pavement or Gabbatha in the Fortress of Antonio to Golgotha – was for the sin of the world. Jesus offered Himself there on that Cross as the Lamb of God.   […]


ORS-27 100404AM Jesus rose triumphant over sin, death, and Hell after being captured and killed during the greatest crime the world has ever witnessed.   On a cross of wood, with carpenter’s tools, and “on a skull shaped hill, on a sunny day outside of Jerusalem nearly 2,000 years ago when MANKIND MURDERED THEIR MAKER[1]”. […]

Who Rose From the Grave?

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ZNA-92 970330AM EASTER MESSAGE WHO ROSE FROM THAT TOMB? JOHN 18-20 Now the peculiar thing about this phenomenon is that, not only did it spread to every single member of the party of Jesus of whom we have any trace, but they brought it to Jerusalem and carried it with inconceivable audacity into the most […]

What is Jesus Doing Today?

050327AM EASTER JESUS DOING TODAY 1-3 WHATS NEXT-09 NR4-29   ORS-05   WNS-16 What is Jesus Doing Today? “MEET THE RISEN CHRIST” THE GLORY OF JESUS REVELATION 1:9-18 Are you consciously, expectantly enjoying what Jesus is doing today?   On the first Easter morning, Mary was looking at the empty tomb and met Jesus.   She had […]

Unleashing Christ’s Resurrection Power

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ORS-32 120408AM EasterUnleashing Christ’s Resurrection Power.doc Unleashing Christ’s Resurrection Power John 20 As we open to John 20, think of what God accomplished at Christ’s Resurrection. Think of the very first Sunday after the Crucifixion: When Jesus stepped from the Tomb on Resurrection morning, God unleashed the greatest power of all. Not only had Jesus […]

Whom Did They Crucify?

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ORS-31 120406GF Who Crucified Good Friday Message WhoM didthey crucify? john 18-20 Tonight we are gathered at what for centuries has been called: Good Friday. Good Friday is just one of a string of events that fill of the greatest week in the Universe since Creation. These are: The Momentous Events of Passion Week Now, […]

When Jesus Seems Distant – Look For The Risen One

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ORS-26 080323AM Easter Meet the Risen Christ at WorkToday–what is Jesus doing today.doc When Jesus Seems Distant—Look For the Risen One   John 20:1-18 Open with me to the Garden Tomb, on Resurrection morning in John 20:1-18. This morning, many of us are so often like Mary heading to the Tomb on Resurrection Sunday. Mary […]

Words of Hope from Our Risen Lord

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ORS-25 070408AM Easter Seven Wonderful Reminders from Our Risen Lord   .doc SEVEN WONDERFUL REMINDERS From Our Risen Lord Luke 24:44 What does this Resurrection morning mean to all of us gathered in Christ? Everything. It is everything to us. All that we believe, all that we hope, all that we trust—everything was on Jesus when […]

When Christ was Crucified – Were You

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ORS-24 070406LS   Christ Crucified Me.doc When Christ was Crucified Paul Says Christ Crucified Me too! Galatians 2:20 Do you realize that this weekend is far more than just a holiday? Each of us in Christ this evening have a stake in this week’s events that exceeds anyone else’s in the world (those who are apart […]

Why Did Christ Die?

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ORS-23 060416AM Easter Sunday.doc Easter Sunday Why Did Jesus Have to Die? God’s Word captures many amazing, miraculous and profound events, but none are more precious than the marvelous record of Christ’s Resurrection. Consider anew this morning the wonders of Christ’s resurrection we have gathered here to celebrate. We have come this morning to collectively […]

Palm Sunday-Behold the Lamb

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ORS-04 SPC-06 010408AM Palm Sunday John-1 Palm Sunday: behold the lamb We have opened our Bibles to the start of the greatest week in the history of the universe since spoken into creation by the Creator. On this day, Palm Sunday, Jesus entered Jerusalem[1] at the time the Passover Lamb was chosen. He proclaimed Himself […]

The Greatest Power of All

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ORS-02 SPC-04 030420AM Easter Unleashing the Greatest Power Unleashing the Greatest Power of All John 20 When Jesus stepped from the Tomb on Resurrection morning, God unleashed the greatest power of all. Often we fail to understand the magnitude of what really happened. Here is what had changed — after the Resurrection Jesus was no […]

The Promise Kept

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ORS-01 010415AM Easter ThePromise Kept the promise kept Matthew 27 God kept His promise, He sent us Jesus to be born as God with us. God kept His promise, He sent us Jesus to die for our sins. God kept His promise, He sent us Jesus to rise from the dead. God kept His promise, […]