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Those Who Have and Have Not

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ACL-25 971214AM “THE HAVE’S AND THE HAVE NOTS” JAMES 1:18 Have you ever considered the confident assertion of the songs of Christmas? They declare the incredible gift of God’s grace in salvation. One of the greatest songs is Handel’s Messiah. Perhaps the biography of how we received this great song will stir our love for […]

Vital Signs of Faith

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ACL-28 980111AM James 2.14-26 “SEVEN VITAL SIGNS OF LIVING FAITH” JAMES 2:14-26 This morning our passage in James is all about genuine, reliable, life changing and soul saving faith. Faith DISPLAYS itself in godly works is the thesis of this loving pastor’s letter. As he writes guided by the Holy Spirit his words are like […]

God is Faithful


ZNA-390 891217PM CHALLENGE AFTER GETTING READY FOR MIRACLE Our young people presented tonight a program with the theme Getting Ready. It’s interesting to note briefly tonight the state of readiness that was present when the miracle came 2,000 years ago! I like to call this Characters of Christmas. You see, God had a cast of […]

Impossible Yet Simple

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ZNA-294 920329AM Mark 10.13-31 JESUS TEACHES LESSONS ON SAVING FAITH MARK 10:13-31 As we come to Mark 10, Jesus Christ is standing under the cruel shadow of the cross. Ch. 11 triumphal entry Ch. 12 final parables Ch. 13 Olivet Ch. 14 Judas – Gethsemane Ch. 15 Pilate and cross and tomb Ch. 16 resurrection […]

Nehemiah – Faithfulness to God

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OTI-16 960327WE Nehemiah models sainthood. Sensitive and yielded he serves God. Faithful and transparent he shows godliness. His characteristics read like the want ads for biblical ministry in the 90’s – “Powerful Team Builder”, “Fervent Man of Prayer”, “Humble Servant”, “Godly Politician” and so on. What can we learn from him? More than could be […]

Taking the Shield of Faith, Quenching the Fiery Darts & Standing for God – How Did the Battle Go This Week?

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God Says Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth

Satan is alive and well on planet earth today.

As Prince of the power of the air (Ephesians 2:2), his silent army of demon invaders swirl through the air. Around us lurk those infernal warriors of the Kingdom of Darkness.

These are not science fiction aliens.

Rather, as super strong extra-terrestrial intelligent beings, their aim is clear.

Their shocking strategy is so powerful, normal humans would pale if aware of it.

These twisted demon hordes are even more deadly than a terrorist’s attack.

They are locked on course.

Their target is the human mind, the control center of every human being on the planet.

Extinguished or Burning – How to Resist the Evil One’s Attacks

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Paul gives the insight that explains our struggles throughout our earthly lives as we look at Ephesians 6:16. Think about what we have read so many times:

above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one

Now, apply the simple methods of Bible study. How many truths can you find in this one verse?

The Simple-Faith Shield that Works Each Time We Use It

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As we open to Colossians 2, we need to learn a practical lesson about how to apply spiritual truths from God’s Word, to our lives. Pause and think of that word “spiritual”.

Spiritual Warfare.

         Spiritual Armor.

                  Spiritual Life.

                           Spiritual; spiritual; spiritual.

Does “Spiritual” Sometimes Sound Distant & Hard to Grasp?

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