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Hungering By Fasting

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Hungering By Fasting BAR-2015-02 150904PM   Check Out All The Sermons In The Series You can find all the sermons and short clips from this series, Camp Barakel 2015 here Looking To Study The Bible Like Dr. Barnett? Dr. Barnett has curated an Amazon page with a large collection of resources he uses in his study […]


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Reflecting the Purpose that God Chose for Fasting by Cultivating Christ’s Compassion for Our Neighbors

Hungering for God Series, Part-5: Reflecting The Purpose that God Chose for Fasting By Cultivating Christ’s Compassion For Our Neighbors Isaiah 58:1-14 Our Almighty God is not prejudiced, He is not unjust, nor is He oppressive. Our Great God has immense compassion for the poor, the orphans, the widows, the oppressed, the afflicted, and the outcasts. GOD UNCHANGING SOCIAL COMPASSION God’s unchanging concern for His people to reflect, support, and seek a just social treatment of fellow humans is a constant theme in the Scriptures. From the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible) to the Prophets (the last 17 books of the Bible), and everywhere in between: God speaks with a consistent voice about the desire He has for justice, mercy, and compassion.

How Does God Want Biblical Fasting to Impact Our Lives?

How Does God Want Biblical Fasting to Impact Our Lives? Isaiah 58:1-14 How do you reach a godless culture, moving away from God? With Christlike Compassion. Our study from God’s Word today may be one of the most relevant to the culture we currently live in, than any other topic we could study. As we open our Bibles to Isaiah 1, let me ask each of you a series of five questions, that explains how God describes the moral and spiritual collapse that precedes: THE DEATH OF A NATION 1. What happens when a nation with a long and deep Biblical Heritage turns its back on God? How about a group of formerly devout followers of the Lord who mostly have abandoned genuine worship, and godly behavior?

Fasting – Hungering For God, Longing For Christ, Denying Our Flesh & Experiencing God’s Grace

As we open to Mark 2:18-22 we are examining the Biblical topic of:

Fasting: Hungering for God, Longing for Christ, Denying Our Flesh & Experiencing God’s Grace.

This is our study because we all need to ask ourselves an honest question. By doing a personal inventory we can see whether we are paddling against the current of our culture or just floating along with the flow of everyone around us in life.

What’s the question? Simply this:

How’s Your Hunger For God Today?