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END TIMES SUPER TRENDS #9 & #10–Global Peace & Global Hatred For Israel

2020REV-11f What’s Next For Planet Earth 200421PM The Growing Trend of: Global Travel (Daniel 12:4a) Global Explosion of Knowledge (Daniel 12:4a) Global Weather gone wild (Luke 21:25-26) Global Telecommunication and Television (Rev. 11:9-10; 17:8) Global Evangelism (Mt. 24:14) Global Pestilences (Mt. 24:7) Digital Money, Global Tracking & Positioning (Rev. 13:16-17) Weapons of Mass Destruction (Mt. […]

Worship that God Hates Pt 2

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ZNA-286 920510PM WORSHIP THAT GOD HATES MARK 11:15-18 A subtle invasion has taken place across our land in 1992, much like a bizzare event in a huge Tokyo store thieves broke in and took nothing. They just switched price tags. It was a few hours before it was noticed that people were getting steals and […]