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Jesus Explains Hell

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050313AM Whats Next-06 Jesus And Hell WNS-13 What’s Next Series Jesus Explains Death and The Reality of Eternal Hell This morning I would like to remind you of the most horrible doctrines in God’s Word—the reality of an eternal Hell for those who do not believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ.   The amazing thing […]

How to Escape the Fires of Hell

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MMG-09 010114AM   I’ve never been trapped in a burning building, but Bonnie and I will always remember being trapped on a burning elevator in Los Angeles during the 1984 Olympics. Those tense minutes stuck between floors as the smoke of the electric motors began coming into the car will always be riveted in our […]

The Gift of Salvation Ignored: Jesus Explains Death and the Reality of Hell

/ Gift of Salvation

What will happen to anyone who ignores or rejects the Gift of Salvation?

As we open to Luke 16 this morning, we open to Christ’s clearest and most compelling words about what happens at the moment of death, to every human that will ever live. We find more details in less space than anywhere else in the Bible. This is Christ’s guide to the afterlife and is one of the most priceless insights anyone could get on what our endless future will be life. 

In just under 300 words in the NKJV, Jesus outlines more than a dozen absolutes of our eternal existence that each of us will possess at the moment we pass through the door of death and out of daily life on Earth.

When God Sends Humanity a Taste of Hell by Releasing the Locust Demons from the Pit

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One of the more difficult and misunderstood topics of the Bible is the doctrine God’s Word teaches us about Hell. As we open to Matthew 25, consider the Biblical Doctrine of Hell.

There are many opinions, many disputes, and many misunderstandings. As with almost all disputes about the Bible, each can be answered by a look at the actual passages, and not merely by talking about them. 

So this morning, we open to the greatest living authority on Hell, who spoke more about it than all the other writers of the Bible combined: His name is Jesus; and if you doubt that there will be an endless, conscious, horribly painful torment of un-forgiven sinners in a literal Hell, then understand that you’re protesting the clear, plain and simple teaching of Jesus Christ, and no one else.

God’s Beauty, Death, Guardian Angels, Hell, the Canon of Scripture & the Book of Enoch

Questions answered:

What is the attribute of God called “the beauty of the Lord” in Psalm 90? 

Do we actually have Guardian Angels? If so, what are their roles? 

What are the differences between the KJV, NIV and NKJV translations of the Bible? 

What is the relation between the Underworld, Hades and Hell? Does God allow the dead to travel back to earth? 

Is there such a thing as an accidental death? 

Why isn’t the Book of Enoch in the Canon of Scriptures? Are there inspired, lost books of the Bible?

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