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Suff. of Scripture Pt 4

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ZNA-433 890409PM THE SUFFICIENCY OF THE SCRIPTURES PART #4 CHURCH HISTORY/ENDURANCE PERSONALITIES Lewis A. Chafer, founder and former President of Dallas Theological Seminary, puts it this way: “The Bible is not such a book a man would write if he could, or could write if he would.” The Bible deals very frankly with the sins […]


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SPC-11 040111PM How do you connect together the Early Church to where we are today?  This is all of Church History. The first era is up to the death of the Apostles. We started out with what we would call the Catholic Church. We are not talking about Pope’s or Rome, but the Church that Jesus […]

Jesus in the Books of History

OTI-39B 970205WE THE BIBLE:  ITS CHARACTER    May I impress upon your heart that the book you hold in your hands is unlike any other in the Universe? And with that truth deeply upon our hearts, in the days ahead, shouldn’t we treat it differently, read it diligently, wait before it expectantly and from it learn to […]

1st Church of Jerusalem

ACL-10 970727AM The First Church at Jerusalem James (59-6) James and the 1st Church at Jerusalem The courtyard seemed to overflow with people. Spilling into the entrance halls they stood excitedly sharing with one another. Up at the front end of the palatial home was a small platform and a chair. Welcome to Jerusalem AD […]

How To Interpret The Bible Correctly – Jerusalem’s History Displays 7 Elements Of God’s Unfolding Plan Of Redemption

Geography is very important to Bible study and interpretation. Everything happened somewhere; and if God repeatedly uses a special place, we should take note.

That brings us to the “most mentioned” place in God’s Word: Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is BIG in God’s Word 

The most mentioned place in the Bible is a city called Jerusalem.

The center of the world and the prophetic universe is the same city.

Jerusalem is the city that God has chosen for Himself. 1 Kings 11:13 (NKJV)   

Ancient maps put Jerusalem In the center of the world, and I think they were right.

How To Interpret The Bible Correctly – Jerusalem, God, and History

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When Jesus told His disciples and us about the future he built every word of it around one spot on earth (Matthew 24; Mark 13; Luke 21). Jesus framed His words about the rest of the history of this planet by the sight of Jerusalem in all its earthly glory spread in front of Him. 

Look again at Christ’s very first words in Matthew 24:2. All that He says about His second coming is introduced by those words.  He said keep your eye on Jerusalem. I am ascending from the Mount of Olives (the center of Jerusalem then and now) and I am returning to the Mount of Olives.

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