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The Holiness of Jesus

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REV-48 980830PM Perhaps no scene in the entire Bible grips our minds and stirs our souls as the last verses of Revelation 20. To think that in one moment all the angels and all the humans who have ever lived on this planet (perhaps as many as 45 billion souls) will be assembled[1]. In utter […]

Fear the Holiness of Jesus-II

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LHC-58 050313AM Jesus spoke more of Hell than Heaven—we speak more of Heaven than Hell. Jesus warned of Hell from the start to the end of His ministry. Jesus preached about the horrors awaiting the unsaved lost ones in public, in private, with saints and with sinners. Jesus spoke much of it—we speak little of […]

Fear the Holiness of Jesus-I

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Fear the Holiness of Jesus LHC: Message Forty-Five (980830PM) LHC-57 Week 45: Fear the Holiness of Jesus (Revelation 20:11–15) As the end of days approaches, you can find hope as you learn to fear the holiness of Jesus! SUNDAY: The Holiness of Jesus “Then He will also say to those on the left hand, ‘Depart […]

Honor Christ’s Holiness

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Honor Christ’s Holiness: The Church at Thyatira LHC: Message Seventeen (980614AM) LHC-23 Week 17: Honor Christ’s Holiness (Revelation 2:18–29 — The Church at Thyatira) This week as we approach the end of days, you can find hope as you honor Christ’s holiness! SUNDAY: Holiness Is Fearing Sin The solid foundation of God stands, having this […]

The Divine Condition

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970119AM Ps19-12 The Power of Scripture Psalm 19 Part # 12 Psalm 19:9a BYT-22 “fearing god”   Psalm 19:9 The fear of the LORD is clean, enduring forever; The judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether. (NKJV)   The pre-eminate attribute of God is His HOLINESS. All other aspects of His character radiate […]

Philadelphia: Meet the True One, the Key of David Possessor, & the One Who Opens Doors

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When Jesus Christ introduces Himself to those precious and faithful saints in Revelation 3:7, He makes one of the greatest promises ever made. They, like us, lived in an uncertain world, and more than to any other church, Jesus explains His power in a way we all can grasp and hold onto today.

We each need to hear and understand and hold onto by faith:

The Most Amazing Promise

In a world of uncertainties, lurking disasters, constant unknowns, and endless potential dangers-Jesus Christ told these believers so much like us: here is truth you can hold tightly.

Philidelphia: How to Build a Quake-Proof Life

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This morning we look at what should become the model for us at Calvary. Revelation 3 introduces us to the church that pleased Jesus Christ, and thus had a His blessings poured upon all that they did for Him.

Of all the seven churches, Philadelphia, the sixth church, can be described as the Faithful Church and stands out as the model. My prayer would be that we as a church here at Calvary would be seen by our Lord as a church filled with Philadelphia-like saints, who gather and live out Christ in this faithful way.

The promises Christ gave them, the insights He shares with them, and the lessons He offers to us who listen are unparalleled in any of the other letters.

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