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Proverbs 31 & God’s Plans For You To Radiate Christ’s Love To A Dark & Hopeless World

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FTGC-19a 210415AM WELCOME! It is Week #19 of our 2021 year-long Bible Journey with each of you going from Cover to Cover in the Scriptures. Bonnie & I are hosting this small group online for all who want an in-depth overview of Sacred history, Contextual background, Sacred geography, Vital Bible chapters, Vital theological doctrines, the […]

A Symphony of Hope

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ZNA-290 920419AM SYMPHONY OF HOPE MARK 16 Saturday was horrible/after a sleepless Thursday night of groping after the arrest of Christ / a horrifying vigil through Friday’s deathly agony… / Saturday lasted forever / doubt, fear, anger, sorrow made one heavy cloud over the eleven who remained / yes, Saturday was horrible for: – Peter, […]

Finding Hope when Everything has Been Lost

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Open with me to I Samuel 18 as walk through a few chapters to get to our passage for this evening. These chapters tonight remind us that:

Our Struggles Frame God’s Faithfulness

The context of these dark and lonely days in David’s life, makes an incredibly beautiful frame around some of the most precious of all of David’s Psalms[1]. His prayers, cries for help, and affirmations of God’s faithfulness: seem even clearer, dearer, and more memorable from those dark and lonely hours in David’s life. David repeats in as many ways as possible that: