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Find Hope in Christ’s Majesty-II

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A Refuge for the Abandoned LHC-09 Christ Our Refuge Aug 14, 2005 | Psalm 13 tags: cor, 050814am   Everything was going so well for so long—Goliath, worship leader for the king, warrior, king’s cabinet, king’s son-in-law and then everything fell apart! Christ is our Refuge—but not if we can’t see His open arms. Sometimes, […]

Find Hope in Christ’s Majesty-I

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Find Hope in Christ’s Majesty LHC: Message Seven (980405AM) LHC-08  Week 7: Find Hope in Christ’s Majesty (Revelation 1:9) As the end of days approaches, you can find hope as you discover Christ’s majesty! SUNDAY: When You Feel Abandoned I, John, . . . was on the island . . . called Patmos for the […]

Finding Hope when Everything has Been Lost

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Open with me to I Samuel 18 as walk through a few chapters to get to our passage for this evening. These chapters tonight remind us that:

Our Struggles Frame God’s Faithfulness

The context of these dark and lonely days in David’s life, makes an incredibly beautiful frame around some of the most precious of all of David’s Psalms[1]. His prayers, cries for help, and affirmations of God’s faithfulness: seem even clearer, dearer, and more memorable from those dark and lonely hours in David’s life. David repeats in as many ways as possible that: 

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