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GOD IS AT WAR AGAINST PRIDE IN MY LIFE–James Teaches How To Live Sanctified Lives of Humility TODAY

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GOD IS AT WAR From EBP-04 – Submission, Humility, Rebellion, Lucifer, & The Ultimate Sin Of Pride 201016PM Short Clip PRIDE was the first sin—as Lucifer challenged God. PRIDE is the ultimate sin. All conflicts, fights, and troubles flow downward from PRIDE. Pride makes me: resentful when corrected; hurt when disappointed; impatient when hindered; greedy […]

How To Live Sanctified Lives Of Humility

EBP-04 Submission, Humility, Rebellion, Lucifer, & The Ultimate Sin Of Pride 201016PM Short Clip From  –   Follow Discover the Book Ministries to stay up to date: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:   Purchase resources: E-Books: Traditional Books: Audio CDs:   Donate to the ministry: PayPal QuickLink:   […]

Cultivating Biblical Humility

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970119PM WFJ-12 Humility .DOC “HABITS OF HIGHLY USEFUL SERVANTS OF GOD #4 HUMILITY” First Thess 2:6 (52-12) The greatest plague on earth is pride. More people miss heaven for pride than any other sin. Wanting our own way is how God described our pitiful condition as lost ones. Isaiah 53: 6 All we like sheep […]

Lessons In Humble Worship

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GNB-10 070318PM Resisting the devil starts with humility (a deep sense of my littleness and God’s greatness).   When you resist pride you are resisting the devil’s foothold in your life. The two most pointed passages about believers and pride also include a warning about spiritual warfare? Both James 4 and this passage in Peter, […]

Humility, Worship and Our Adversary the Devil

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GNB-09 070318AM Today we are God’s servants and living a life that worships God. But while we are living a life of worship we are being stalked by the most deadly and harmful predator in existence. His name is Satan our Adversary. His goal is to devour us, making us stop serving and worshiping God. […]

Shepherds – Humble People

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GCM-26 051211PM When God gets to tell the story of salvation, the Coming of the King, the birth of the Lamb of God—what details does He carefully include for us? Here’s one that has shaped my whole outlook on life, on worship, on Bible study, and most of all—on prayer. God really loves and responds to […]

The Prayer of the Humble – Empty Me God, So That You Get All the Glory in My Life

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As we open in our Bibles to Matthew 6, think of the context for these verses. Jesus looked out at a group of men, His disciples, that were so much like all of us. They needed humility.

They were wired to be proud, and needed a regular, daily reminder of needing to be emptied of that pride. So Jesus crafted a Divine Recipe for the best life possible.

Giving to God a Life Wrapped with Humility

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Before we move too far on from Christmas in this new year, open with me please, to Luke 2:8-20.

As we open in our Bibles to the Gospel by Luke, chapter 2, we are continuing to look at Practicing Biblical Humility. God provides us with one of the most beautiful portraits of humility in this so well-known account from Christ’s birth. Look at the elements God uses to make this portrait of humility: