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BYT-44 090329AM Understanding How Jesus Used God’s Word. If we look closely at the recorded words of Jesus, and especially in the 1 in every 10 that are quotations from the Old Testament, we can see that the Bible was Christ’s Book that He constantly relied upon.   Jesus built His life and ministry upon […]

A Pastor’s Schedule, Israel’s Salvation & Is All of the Bible Inspired?

Q&A-02 110731PM What is your (Pastor John’s) schedule like? (00:41) (2:00) What does Romans 11:26 mean in saying that “all Israel will be saved”? (00:20) (7:49) What is the difference between dispensationalism and covenant theology? (00:26) (13:36) What does it mean for the Bible to be inspired? Did the men that God used base their writing off of […]

What Does 2 Kings 15:36 Say About Extra-Biblical Books, Canonization, And Our Inspired Bibles

Ultimately, Scripture is the test of everything; it is the Christian’s standard. In fact, the word canon means “a rule, standard, or measuring rod.” The canon of Scripture is the measuring rod of the Christian faith, and it is complete.

Of course, throughout history spurious books have been offered as genuine Scripture. For example, the Roman Catholic Bible includes the Apocrypha. The Roman Catholic Church accepts those books as Scripture, but it is clear that they are not.32 They contain errors in history, geography, and theology.