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The Flashpoint: Mount Moriah, Golgotha, and Islam

As we open to II Chronicles 6, always remember that God has had His eye one very special piece of property for a long time. 

•    It is the spot that God’s Word tells us in Genesis 14 that the mysterious Biblical character named Melchisadek lived; who was called the King of Righteousness, and lived in this place then called Salem or “the city of peace”. We know so little about this mysterious figure from the Scriptures (he just may have been the oldest son of Noah named Shem) but we do know that is was on that spot he lived; and
•    It is the spot that God sent Abraham to when he brought Isaac his son to be an offering in Genesis 22; and
•    It is also the spot where David’s sacrifice stopped the angel of Death (I Chronicles 21) and the purchased ground where Solomon built the Temple. But most of all, 
•    It is the same spot where God Himself took human flesh, suffered, bled, died, rose from the dead, and ascended into Heaven.  
•    It is also the spot where 50 days later the Church was born on Pentecost.
•    It is finally the spot to which Jesus will return when He comes as Israel’s Messiah to save them, end the Tribulation, and usher in the Millennial Kingdom.