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God’s Cup of Trembling

MOI-16    NR5-22 010805PM This evening what we see before our eyes each day in the news has perhaps blunted the amazing reality of Israel’s very existence. To get us back on track may I read the following excerpt[1][1] from an article by L. Nelson Bell, M.D., the father-in-law of Dr. Billy Graham and the […]

Does God Judge with Disasters?

MOI-15    NR5-21 010722PM On Friday May 20, 2011 President Obama stunned the world with an amazing about face in American Foreign Policy. In a major speech he declared that Israel must return to its 1967 borders. Just 48hours later the single most deadly tornado, an F-5 destroyed 75% of Joplin, Mo and caused over […]

The Wrath of God & the Depravity of Humanity

As we continue through Revelation, we have come to one of the key doctrines of the Bible, the Doctrine of the wrath of God. The wrath of God is part of the absolute justice of God.

No sin can go unpunished with God’s absolute holiness and justice. So even though there may be little or no evident response from God for most of the sins being poured out by fallen and sinful humans, God’s justice has kept track of every sin ever sinned against the Infinite, All-Knowing God Almighty.

But a moment is coming when the river of humanity’s sins, piling up behind the dam of God’s patience will reach the limit, and the righteous, infinite, just wrath of Almighty God bursts forth.

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