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The Judgment of Jesus

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REV-26 980712PM The history of planet earth may well be traced by the wars our fellow humans have so often fought. It was Babylon that first conquered in a global way. How many  peace- loving boys and their dads perished to fill he coffers of their king? Then Assyrian and Persian and Greek armies sowed […]

Watch Christ’s Judgment-!I

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LHC-38 050522PM In the past five months–we have lived through the second biggest, second deadliest, longest, and most powerful quake ever felt and measured by man. We have been warned that a rock is headed closer than any has ever been—and will be the first asteroid visible with the naked eye from earth. And this […]

Watch Christ’s Judgment-I

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Watch Christ’s Judgment LHC: Message Twenty-Nine (980712PM) LHC-37 Week 29: Watch Christ’s Judgment (Revelation 9) As the end of days approaches, you can find hope as you watch the judgment of Jesus! SUNDAY: Enduring Hope in Jesus “And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end […]

The Easter Message of Genesis 1 to Revelation 19 is: The Ignored Creator is Rejected; The Crucified Savior is Risen; The Angered Judge is Returning

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God’s Word places Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection as central. Everything in the Old Testament points towards the Cross, everything in the New Testament points back to the Cross.

The Centrality of Christ’s Death, Burial & Resurrection

I would invite you to open to that central event of all time and of all that ever matters. That event is recorded in John 20. Open there to see our Creator, who is crucified for His own creature’s sin, and then rises from the dead.

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