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Seven Big Events on God’s Calendar for Earth – #2 The Judgement of Believers – Seeing in Heaven

081012PM WNS-5 Heaven.doc WNS-36 Seven Big Events on God’s Calendar for Earth: #2 The Judgment of Believers Seeing in Heaven Romans 14:10-12 As we open to II Peter 3, think about the greatest day of our lives. That will be the day we each get to stand before the Lord Jesus Christ—and kneel in front […]

The Easter Message of Genesis 1 to Revelation 19 is: The Ignored Creator is Rejected; The Crucified Savior is Risen; The Angered Judge is Returning

God’s Word places Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection as central. Everything in the Old Testament points towards the Cross, everything in the New Testament points back to the Cross.

The Centrality of Christ’s Death, Burial & Resurrection

I would invite you to open to that central event of all time and of all that ever matters. That event is recorded in John 20. Open there to see our Creator, who is crucified for His own creature’s sin, and then rises from the dead.