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How to Really Love Someone

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WFF-26 020818AM Young Gandhi with a Christian Family[1] While attending a university in London, Mahatma Gandhi the future leader who would sway the hearts of hundreds of millions of his own people in India, became almost convinced that the Christian religion was the one true, supernatural religion in the world. Upon graduation, and still seeking […]

The Love of Jesus

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REV-24 980705PM Remember chapter 6? Who can forget the scene: somewhere beyond the starry sky there stands a herald angel with a trumpet in his hand, and by the decree of the Lord God Almighty, there is a day, there is an hour, there is a moment, there is an elected time when the angel […]

Grace Energized Men are Sound in Love

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GEM-23 080504AM   As we open to Matthew 24, Jesus sat down near the end of His earthly ministry and painted a vivid picture of what the world would look like as it neared its final days. We have studied that message called the Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24 many times. But this morning I […]

The Great Contrast: The Intense Hatred of God Against Sin and the Immense Love of God Toward Sinners

This morning we enter a new chapter of the Book of Revelation. As you open with me to Revelation 7, let me explain what lies before us.

If we were doing a one-phrase-summary of each chapter of the Bible, we could summarize the main idea of Revelation 6 as: The Intense Wrath of God Against Sin.

If we did the same for Revelation 7 it would be: The Immense Love of God Towards Sinners. Back to back those seem to be polar opposites.  What is amazing is that God designed this incredible contrast.

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