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Lesson 17-1 – The Unlimited Power Of Unhindered Prayer In A Godly Life And Marriage

BC&D-41 Tuesday, June 24, 2014 Page 1 131204 BCF-17 Praying.docx BCF-17 Parenting-3 “Parental Praying” Our Lesson Tonight: The Unlimited Power of Unhindered Prayer in A Godly Life & Marriage I Peter 3:1-12 Our Foundation: The Doctrine of Prayer (our personal communication with God), which teaches us among other things that “Prayer changes the way God […]

Resting Our Weary Minds

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000917AM Mark-32 2.23-28 Sabbath Rest-8 RESTING IN GOD SERIES: SABBATH rest Mark 2:23 – 28 The Spiritual Dangers of Internet Surfing, Movies and Television  DWM-35 This message is one chapter of the book The Joy of a Word Filled Family available in audio and print form free online at as well as on Amazon. […]

How To End The Hurry In My Life

000903AM Mark-29 2.23-28 Sabbath Thieves-5 RESTING IN GOD SERIES: SABBATH thieves Mark 2:23 – 28 DWM-34 This message is one chapter of the book The Joy of a Word Filled Family available in audio and print form free online at as well as on Amazon.   Waiting on God is a massive theme in […]

Enjoying A Personal Sabbath Rest

000827AM Mark-28 2.23-3.6 Sabbath Blessings-4 RESTING IN GOD SERIES: SABBATH blessings Mark 2:23 – 28 DWM-33 Can you imagine how exasperating it was to camp in tents for 40 years, and to camp in the Wilderness of Sinai 3,500 years ago, and to camp living around perhaps as many as three million plus Israelite also […]

How To Slow Life Down

000820AM Mark-26 2.23-3.6 Sabbath Promises-2 RESTING IN GOD SERIES: SABBATH promises Isaiah 58:13-14 HOW TO SLOW DOWN AND REST IN THE LORD DWM-32 Jesus lived the perfect life, accomplished more than any human ever did, and yet Jesus was never in a HURRY! He was Purposed but never PUSHED. He was focused but never Frantic. […]

Learning Life Long Commitment

021201AM Prayer-19 GDGW-38 Laying hold on Eternal Life: By Commitment  DWM-30 We have come to our fourth and final element of how to Raise Godly Families – One Prayer at a Time. This is the area Paul commands us as he says “Lay Hold on Eternal Life”. We have been examining just how to do […]

Laying Hold Of Eternal Life – By Consecration

021124AM Prayer-18  GDGW-37 LAYING HOLD ON ETERNAL LIFE: BY CONSECRATION “LOSERS ARE KEEPERS” DWM-29 Losers are Keepers   Remember when you went to school as a kid? Out in the playground you learn a lot of things that stay through life. Here’s one “Finders keepers, losers (what?) weepers”. Right?   Well let’s find out. Turn […]

Contented Living

021117AM Prayer-17 GDGW-36 Laying hold on Eternal Life: By Contentment DWM-28 I watched the World Population Clock again this week. It is a very moving sight to see each second as the numbers changed. The math of this UN site is simple — the number go up by five births and down by two deaths […]

Beware Of Affluenza

021110AM Prayer-16 GDGW-35 “PRAYING FOR GODLINESS WITH CONTENTMENT FOR OUR CHILDREN ” BEWARE OF AFFLUENZA DWM-27 One of my hobbies is to follow Global Trends. We are so fixated often as Americans on America we are out of touch with issues that most of the world is focusing upon. This week many major world newspapers […]

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