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NR7-09 960901AM This is our third stop in a four-week trek. We will be hiking the great passages describing MONEY, POSSESSIONS AND ETERNITY. Our four messages will be covering: Ownership: Giving to God All in this Life Stewardship: Giving to God His in this Life Materialism: Giving to God First in this Life Contentment: Giving […]

Rich toward God

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ACL-14 970914AM JAMES-10 1.9-11 JAMES 1:9-11 “EXTRAVAGANT GIVING – IS RICH TOWARD GOD ” This morning we are concluding our time considering the new way the Lord measures wealth. James tells us it is not outward but inward. It is not material but spiritual. It is not having but giving. Jesus pointed this out in […]

Rich Poor & Poor Rich

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ACL-13 970907am JAMES 1:9-11 The Rich-Poor and The Poor-Rich God describes four types of people living in our world: rich/poor, rich/rich, poor/rich and poor/poor. Jesus Christ was born in poverty. He was born in a lowly stable, to poor parents, overlooked by the world. Jesus was born in a borrowed manger, he grew up in […]

Beware Of Affluenza

021110AM Prayer-16 GDGW-35 “PRAYING FOR GODLINESS WITH CONTENTMENT FOR OUR CHILDREN ” BEWARE OF AFFLUENZA DWM-27 One of my hobbies is to follow Global Trends. We are so fixated often as Americans on America we are out of touch with issues that most of the world is focusing upon. This week many major world newspapers […]

The Discipline Of Disciple-Making – How Should We Share The Gospel With The Rich, Famous, And Powerful?

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Of the millions and millions and millions of people that lived before and during the time period of 15 centuries when God’s Word was written, the vast majority are nameless. People were born, lived, and died without most of the rest of humanity before or after them even knowing their names. The Washington DC think tank called the Population Reference Bureau calculates that by the time of the first century over 40 billion humans had lived and died. 

Beware of Affluenza : Praying in Godliness with Contentment For Our Children

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Today God wants us living for Heaven, and every other day of our earthly lives. 

But, we have to do so in the midst of an epidemic that has gotten stronger century by century. This flu we face as believers in Christ each day is far more deadly than the H1N1 variety of influenza now loitering and infecting people across the globe. Affluenza or materialism is a deadly disease that robs Christians of their desire for Heaven and replaces it with a desire for earth.

As we open to I Timothy 6 we find Paul warning about this spiritual sickness of materialism. This morning measure your personal resistance level to the nearly irresistible draw of spending life chasing stuff, money, pleasure, and possessions.

Laodicea: Jesus Warns of the Danger of Having Too Much Stuff

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As we open to Revelation 3:17, we are opening to Jesus the Christ of Christmas, talking about something so timely to Christmas, so relevent to our choices this season, and so right where we are today that it is uncanny.

Jesus is addressing the condition that the believers at Laodicea had gotten themselves into. They were simply described by Christ as: loaded down with stuff.

They could afford all that stuff, they bought all those items with their hard-earned money. They stored their possessions carefully, and used them regularly. But, what the Laodiceans are confronted with by Christ is not that they had so much, but the danger that comes when we have too much stuff.

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