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Roadblocks to Answered Prayers

LNB-33 030427AM DOAGL-14 SUPPLICATION-6 The Disciplines of a Godly Life: SUPPLICATION-4 Roadblocks to Answered Prayers   Jesus is the final word on praying. He lived it, He taught it, He commended it. No one can more deeply influence us in the realm of prayer than our Lord Jesus. And this morning, one person has more […]

What Stops My Prayers

LNB-32 030406AM DOAGL-13 SUPPLICATION-5 The Disciplines of a Godly Life: SUPPLICATION-5 What Stops My Prayers This morning we are learning from Jesus in the School of Prayer. Our classroom is daily life, our textbook is God’s Word. This morning’s lesson is: “What stops my prayers?” To answer that and to learn what may be the […]

With Jesus in the School of Prayer

LNB-30 030316AM Jesus lived the perfect human life.   Jesus was always praying.   Someone once summarized the Life of Christ as thirty years of perfect living, three years of perfect serving and teaching, one tremendous moment of death – and now 19 plus centuries of praying.   And if you read Hebrews carefully — […]

Talking to God ALL the Time

LNB-28 030302AM One of the first lessons we give to our infant children is how to talk. We look at them as they first learn to follow us with their eyes and say “momma…daddy” and so on. We teach them how to talk, and they learn by imitation and repetition.   One of the first […]

The Habit of Praying Like Daniel

LNB-12 990301AM Daniel PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT PART SIX THE HABIT OF PRAYING LIKE DANIEL In 1989 a Mormon named Steven R. Covey wrote a #1 National Best-selling book called, THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE. Those seven habits were: Be proactive; Begin with the end in mind; Put first things first; Think win-win; […]

Praying Like Busy Daniel

LNB-11 990301AM Daniel PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT PART FIVE PRAYING LIKE BUSY DANIEL In God’s opinion of History, the Kingdom of Babylon was the richest and most glorious of all. Babylon was the head of gold in the image God revealed to NEBUCHADNEZZAR. As Nebuchadnezar’s realm spread across the then known world, it left in […]

Praying When We Are Down

LNB-10 990221AM Have you ever thought about what kind of people God uses for His glory? Many of them are just like us weak and sometimes failing. Someone once said, “The best of men are but men at their best.” Let God’s power be with­drawn, even for a moment, and we immediately see that we […]

Praying Like Elijah Did

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LNB-09 990214AM Prayer # 3 Elijah PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT LIKE ELIJAH DID JAMES 5:16b-18 This morning we are in part 3 of our series: Praying in the Spirit. James 5:16-18 Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man […]

Praying in the Spirit

LNB-07 990124AM Prayer # 1 Jesus.doc PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT EPHESIANS 6:18 LIKE JESUS DID We are standing in the freshness of a new year. Have you pondered what would be the best investment of your spiritual capital in 1999? In other words, where are you going to focus your time in pursuit of Christ […]

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