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Ephesus – Living in a Godless Prayer

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030209PM WTB-43 STONES-9 EPHESUS-3 THE STONES OF GOD’S WITNESS: EPHESUS – LIVING IN A GODLESS CULTURE Why study Ephesus? God’s Word Reveals God’s Truth Anticipating our needs Like Tomorrow’s News Reports. They lived in the shadow of the Largest Building in the Ancient World. WELCOME TO THE CHURCH AT EPHESUS: If you were arriving in […]

No Greater Power than Praying Marriages

/ Power Of Word-Filled Prayer

WFP-28 021013AM Parenting is life long. Praying keeps us on the front lines of our children’s lives – all through our lives. Successful parenting of a godly family only has two requirements: get started in prayer and never quit that praying.   Before we are parents we are praying, while we are up to our ears […]

How to Pray for Purity

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WFP-18 020721AM Jesus prayed for holy living in us who would live in the future. He knew how bad it would be. Jesus spoke of terrible days ahead for this world. He sent His beloved John on a journey ahead in time to see that Tribulation. The character of that world is stated in Revelation […]

What Happens When Couples Pray

/ Power Of Word-Filled Prayer

WFP-17 020707AM To learn the secret of his life as a pioneer missionary is to learn of the power of his parent’s prayers for him. Remember that prayer catapults us to the frontiers of what ever God is doing around the earth, and that is exactly what John Paton had been taught by example.   […]

Powerful Prayers from Men and Women

/ Power Of Word-Filled Prayer

WFP-16 020630AM The keys to prayer: express deepest thoughts to God, trust no matter what, influence others for God;   What kind of father prepared John G. Paton for that kind of perseverance[1] — another fifty years of rugged, faithful missionary labor? Paton’s father, James, was converted at seventeen and immediately convinced his mother and father […]

Marriages Empowered by Prayer

/ Power Of Word-Filled Prayer

WFP-15 020623PM By now we are all asking the same thing aren’t we? How could we ever do anything of this magnitude? How can we penetrate the lives of our children with these truths? How can we see God unleashed in their lives? How can we every day be actively using God’s Word and seeing […]

Psalm 119 – Praying to Word-Filled Life

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WFP-14 030713AM Yet His words often scare us. We think He must have meant something other than what He said, right? What verses do I mean? These. Listen to Jesus speak about prayer:   Matthew 18:19 “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be […]

Prayer – Roadblocks to Answered Prayers

/ Power Of Word-Filled Prayer

WFP-13 030427AM And this morning, one person has more to say about Christ’s praying than any other.  One person, more than any other in God’s Word, was an eyewitness to Christ’s praying – his name is Peter. Peter was the leader of the disciples, the chief of the Apostles, and the man out front at […]

Prayer – What Stops My Prayers

/ Power Of Word-Filled Prayer

WFP-12 030406AM How much money would $111,600,000 be to you? I would assume it is a huge sum to any of us?   Perhaps the most remarkable testimony of modern times to the power of prayer may be seen in the life of a quiet man from Bristol, England. Born in the early 19th Century and […]

Prayer – When Prayers Don’t Get Through

/ Power Of Word-Filled Prayer

WFP-11 030330AM No one else but Jesus can put through our prayers to be heard by our Father in Heaven. Jesus is the intercessor, the operator that connects us, and puts our calls through.   This morning Jesus warns us that there are some prayers He can’t put through for us. Please open with me […]

Prayer – Learning to Pray Like Jesus Prayed

/ Power Of Word-Filled Prayer

WFP-09 030309AM All of those combine to cause us to feel danger and uncertainty, and to feel distraction, and if we are not guarded to feel discouragement!  So what is the best way to live in a time of great danger, immense distraction, and constant uncertainty? I think we have the answer in a similar […]

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