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GOD EXPLAINS WHAT TRIGGERS ARMAGEDDON–The Coming Invasion of Israel as Foretold in Ezekiel 37-39

Q&A-30, BYT-30, EBI-10, & EBI-11 Bonnie & I are so excited to serve the Lord this month–as I am sure each of you also would declare. Here is the EZEKIEL’S PROPHETIC PANORAMA Q&A class that is part of the homework for the current Old Testament Eschatology Classes I am teaching this month. The group of […]


ROK-21 130804AM When God Removes His Restraint Humanity Destroys Itself (Revelation 6:1-11) One of God’s attributes is His wrath. Last time we saw His future, ultimate, smoldering wrath as He returns to judge the world. That is His cataclysmic wrath as He pours out His fiery indignation. There is another element of God’s wrath and […]


ROK-19 130714AM My favorite Prophetic Bible Study Resources are: 1. The MacArthur Study Bible I use: 2. The Best Cross-Reference Guide to the Bible: 3. Grudem Systematic Theology: 4. The DTS, Bible Knowledge Commentary set I use: 5. The Phillips, Exploring the Future book I use: 6. The Payne, Encyclopedia […]


210606AM Welcome to our latest class “HUMANITY’S SURVIVAL”. This month I am teaching a group of pastors who serve local churches on three continents–they all share something in common, they are bi-vocational. They work a day job to pay for their expenses as they evangelize and train new believers. What a thrill to see their […]

Dios Dice Que Hay Siete Eventos En Venir

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210531AM Estoy muy emocionado de presentar hoy nuestro video de Estudio Bíblico Profético más popular sobre las siete tendencias actuales que muestran que estamos al final de los días. Aquí está el enlace. Comparte esto con todos tus amigos. English: “I’m so excited to launch today our most popular Prophetic Bible Study video the seven […]


Q&A-102 210106PM What’s going on? All the confusion about vaccines, the election disputes, Iran making threats…what does the Bible say about the USA in prophecy? Follow Discover the Book Ministries to stay up to date: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:   Purchase resources: E-Books: Traditional Books: Audio CDs:   Donate to […]


ROK-11 130407AM God’s Final Written Communication with Us His Children The flow of Revelation is simple to see. • Chapter 1 is Jesus Christ showing Himself in all His glory, like the Sun’s blazing light, as God the Son. • Chapters 2 and 3 are His personal letters to the churches that bear His Name. […]


ROK-12 130505AM Revelation Shows Us: God is in Charge. ANTICHRIST’S DELUSIONS, DECEPTIONS, DISTRACTIONS, & DEMONS vs. GOD’S TRUTH LOVERS! Before we dive into God directing the ending, of human history, as we know it, you may be asking about whether or not a study of eschatology has any real, personal applicability. Revelation lessons are great, […]


ROK-10 130401AM Can you imagine that any person would think that their plans are more important than the plans offered to them by their Creator? That could summarize human history right down to this moment.   The Ignored Creator is Rejected by Most   Chapter after chapter of God’s Word records that the Creator is […]


ROK-12 130428AM Which Comes First: Global Peace or Global Holocaust? Is Earth sliding straight down the slope into the fiery destruction, demon hordes, solar scorching, and global holocaust as described in Revelation? In other words, will things get darker and darker, and disasters amplify until the Tribulation scene bursts into view? The answer God’s Word […]


Q&A-29a 210110PM What is the simplest and yet most profound evidence the Bible offers? Fulfilled Biblical prophecy. What an irrefutable verification reserved to the Judeo-Christian Scriptures alone. Prophecy is the missing element in all other sacred scriptures of the world’s religions, It is not to be found in them, by contrast, prophecy comprises about one-third […]


Q&A-93a 210113PM In Revelation 6:15-17, John describes for us the greatest prayer meeting in the history of the world: “And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every slave, and every free man (that covers everybody) hid themselves in the […]


ROK-01 130113AM Almighty God who sees everything, knows everything, and is infinitely wise, has a plan. That plan involves ending the sin, death, evil, and rebellion in this world. That plan has been written down and is ours today. My favorite Prophetic Bible Study Resources are: 1. The MacArthur Study Bible I use: 2. […]


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MOI-52 980726AM Short Clips Above the softness of our blue-green planet there are hostile forces poised. They range across space lurking and flying about at their master’s bidding. They are former angels. They are Satan the Dragon’s army. They are deadly, vile, malignant, and very intelligent. In fact, the word demon in Greek means “intelligence”. […]


MOI-50 980719AM Short Clip THE MYSTERY OF JESUS THE BOOK The Book of the Revelation of Jesus gives God’s record of all of history from the founding of Christ’s Church through the ages until the end of the earth and the ushering in of Heaven.  The 1st three chapters deal with the church age. […]


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PROPHECY IN THE OLD TESTAMENT EBIs-02a When God Abandons A Nation To Die – His Plan For A Dying Culture Is A Lesson For U.S. 201024PM The Holy Bible on a wooden table.Here are links to the 52 Greatest Chapters Bible Study Resources we are using: 1. The MacArthur Study Bible I use: […]

GOD’S DETAILED MAP OF THE FUTURE–Prophecy Is A Demonstration of God’s Glory

EBIs-11b Bible Prophecy Is God’s Map Of The Future & His Signature Across His Word 211029PM Short Clip From –   Follow Discover the Book Ministries to stay up to date: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:   Purchase resources: E-Books: Traditional Books: Audio CDs:   Donate to the ministry: […]


pl_video type=”vimeo” id=”548083098″] EBIs-11c Bible Prophecy Is God’s Map Of The Future & His Signature Across His Word 211029PM Short Clip Prophecy: God’s Signature Across His Word. Today, the facts about what God has said, describing the future of every person in the world, are crucial. The facts that God has given to us are […]


MOI-41 990822PM   The most complex object scientists have ever found in the Universe is here in this room today. That object is an electronic recorder which is the “three pounds of the most complex and highly organized matter in the universe!” That recorder is of course within each of our heads this morning. Just […]


MOI-36 920126PM A gap, or unexplained period of time, follows the 69th week (Dan. 9:26). Daniel 9:27 references the end-time Antichrist; thus the gap is about 2,000 which anticipates the church age.   1. THE CHURCH AGE (Worshipping – Waiting – Winning) – Before His death and departure, Jesus promised to “build my church” (Matt. […]

REAL PROPHECY POINTS TO CHRIST–Isaiah 53 Foretold EXACTLY What Jesus Would Do & Be Like

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EBIs-12 The (ONLY) Gospel By God – In The Greatest Chapter In The Bible – Do You Understand Salvation 201030AM Short Clip Isaiah 53–THE GREATEST INTRODUCTION TO JESUS CHRIST THE SAVIOR Proof that God is the author of Scripture and Jesus its fulfillment is found in Isaiah 53, in the minute essential details exactly fulfilled […]


MOI-31 900520PM WATCH FOR THE END WHEN: 1. Israel returns enmasse – 2. Russia is poised as Chief Agressor 3. Arabs united in opposition 4. Israel isolated 5. Revived Roman Empire poised for a leader 6. Moriah Temple #3 possible….   AND SECONDLY, check out how our world does with spiritual check-up: Bumper Stickers Shout […]


MOI-32 900520PM How can we differentiate between Second Coming/Rapture? There are eight contrasts between the two. THE NATURE OF THE SECOND COMING – The fact that the Rapture and the Second Coming are seen as two separate events, shows that they can’t be simultaneous. This destroys the post-tribulation Rapture theory. Let’s look at these differences: […]


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EBIs-09d  Seven Reasons Why I Believe The Bible Is Flawless – And You Should Too! 201029AM Short Clip #4—BECAUSE OF ITS FULFILLED PROPHECY. What is the simplest and yet most profound evidence the Bible offers? It is prophecy fulfilled: an irrefutable verification found in the Judeo-Christian Scriptures alone. Prophecy is the missing element in all […]


MOI-22 990425PM THE BLESSED HOPE OF THE CHURCH IS THE ANY-MOMENT-RAPTURE What did those who lived in the 1st Century hear the Apostles say? Those who walked with Jesus, turned in faith and began following Him? What did the men and women of New Testament churches planted directly by Paul understand him to say when […]


MOI-23 990502PM GOD SUMMARIZES EARTH’S HORRORS COMING Walk with me through the pages of Revelation chapters six, eight, nine, and sixteen. Briefly, may I describe the living hell you can avoid if you are a part of the Rapture. Here are only a few of the dreadful disasters that take place during the Tribulation: 1. […]


MOI-24 990509PM So what’s the bottom line? There are seven years of history left for Israel to complete in God’s program. It’s a time like never before – demonic creatures ravage the earth; one-half of the population is horribly murdered; the earth is a wasteland; mankind fiercely fights against God and tries one last time […]

THE DEADLIEST PATHOGENS ARE SPIRITUAL–They Can Keep Us From Serving Jesus In Daily Life

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From EBP-08f God Says Work Hard & Don’t Be Lazy 201020PM Short Clips   WHAT CAN KEEP US FROM SERVING JESUS IN DAILY LIFE? Jesus answers that question in one of His most sobering postcards, the one to the final church called Laodicea. It was a literal church in the first century, and may […]


MOI-25 990530PM   HOW TO FACE PERSECUTION. FOUNDATIONS FOR NO REGRET LIVING REVELATION 6   Did you know that becoming a Christian has always meant a ticket to persecution? The pages of the history of the church are stained with the blood and tears of countless saints. The story of the Old Testament saints is […]


MOI-28 900408AM   In fact, in all the Gospels as soon as the dust has settled from the Palm branch strewn road to Jerusalem, Christ is talking about things to come. Note what Matthew records: 1. Matthew 21:41 They said to Him, “He will destroy those wicked men miserably, and lease [his] vineyard to other […]


MOI-29 900408PM   God’s intervention, we all face gradual decay and disease and ultimate death…but wait—God has good news…   GOD’S GOOD NEWS IS THE RAPTURE – “Behold, I tell you a mystery; we shall indeed not all sleep, but we shall all be changed” (I Cor. 15:51). “For the Lord, himself will descend from […]


MOI-21 990404PM   So what’s the bottom line? There are seven years of history left for Israel to complete in God’s program. It’s a time like never before – demonic creatures ravage the earth; one-half of the population is horribly murdered; the earth is a wasteland; mankind fiercely fights against God and tries one last […]


MOI-18 990228PM   WHAT GOD HAS DETERMINED WILL BE DONE—ARMAGEDDON IS WHEN GOD DESTROYS EARTH’S ARMIES God has mapped out in the Scriptures that the Holy Land is the stage upon which two crucial events take place. One was on a mountain, and one will be on a plain. The mountain is Mount Calvary. The […]


MOI-20 990321AM   Biblical Prophecy Teaches us Not to Fear—But Follow God’s Roadmap   Daniel 9 records perhaps the most amazing prophetic passage in all the Bible. Who would ever dream of predicting an event 500 years into the future and naming a specific day on which it would occur? One man did just that. […]


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From EBIs-01c Jesus Believed The Bible Was True – Do You Believe The Bible As Much As Jesus Did 201024AM Short Clips Isiah is the #1 SOURCE ON SOME OF THE BIBLE’S GREATEST MYSTERIES: Isaiah contains the two furthest reaching events in all of history: The most ancient event is the fall of Satan […]


MOI-14 010701PM One of the most comforting and powerful themes of God’s Word is the providence of God. Kings may issue their unalterable decrees, but God overrules and accomplishes His purposes. In seminary, most pastors encounter the monumental works of Augustus Hopkins Strong’s Systematic Theology. In that massive work he states that providence was “that […]


MOI-16 010805PM JERUSALEM IS GOD’S CUP THAT WILL MAKE THE WORLD TREMBLE Jerusalem is mentioned more than any other place in the Bible—over 800 times. It is the focal point of the God of this Universe.   This evening what we see before our eyes each day in the news has perhaps blunted the amazing […]


210116AM Short Clips So much energy is being expended by many believers today to try to stop the inexorable slide of this world into the arms of the Evil One. That slide will only be stopped when Jesus Christ Returns. Our energies are to be poured into living for Christ and sharing His Gospel. The […]


MOI-11 010603PM Listen to this incredible summary of all specifics God has revealed about His Chosen People of Destiny, the Jews. 1. GOD PICKED HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE OF DESTINY AS THE JEWS, DESCENDANTS OF ABRAHAM, CALLED ISRAEL. 2. GOD PRESENTED A LAND TO HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE OF DESTINY THE JEWS WITH CLEARLY DEFINED BOUNDARIES 3. […]


MOI-09 010513PM ISRAEL’S REBIRTH IS GOD’S TESTIMONY TO THIS WORLD: Ezekiel gives us God’s last word to the heathen nations of the world who sought to occupy His land and prevent His people from returning. The process of this latter-day, prophetic move, as expressed by Ezekiel, is what I call the three R’s of end-time […]


MOI-08 010415PM THE CONFLICT OF THE AGES Please open to Revelation 12:1-6, 13-17. In these short verses, we see the infernal strategy of Satan to devour, destroy, and defeat God’s plan and His people. It is only one verse of a Bible full of pictures of Satan the Destroyer of God’s people of Promise, The […]


MOI-04 010225PM THE MIRACLE OF ISRAEL: RETURNED AND RESTORED This evening have you ever connected the happenings in the world, in our newspapers, history books, and on the evening news – with God’s Word the BIBLE?   To begin with open to Isaiah 11:11 as God describes the 2nd Return of His People. The 1st […]


BYT-45  090419AM Pondering the implications of Christ’s Convictions about Science   So all museums, textbooks, teachers, and schools that proclaim as science something different from God’s Word are wrong! And any science that contradicts the truth that God created the Universe perfect, and the sin of the first human plunged all of humanity and the […]


ORS-36  160325GF Tonight we are in the midst of our journey of remembrance through the greatest week in the history of the Universe, Christ’s Passion Week: He Came, He Died, He Rose Paul explains the events of this week as the Gospel. Using nine words recorded in 1 Cor. 15:1-4, God explains to us what […]


Short Clip BYT-29 080907AM Prophecy: The Signature of God. As we open to Rev. 1:3, may I remind you that there are seven reasons you should trust God’s Word? These are the reasons we willingly seek to keep our minds filled with God’s Word, the absolutely trustworthy record of God’s voice.   The first reason […]

The King Is Coming – When All Climate Change Gets Fixed – Jesus Returns, Restores, & Rules Earth

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EBIs-14 201030PM The Perfect World everyone wishes for is coming. The ENVIRONMENT is amazing: Pure fresh air, sparkling clear water, plentifully organic food with no chemicals, no pesticides, no poisons. The soil is so fertile and pure that everything grows beautifully, fragrantly lush. SOCIETY is also amazing. Jesus Christ, Himself is King. Everyone knows that. […]

God Left The Map Of The Future

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  Map Of The Future 191107AM 19-Isaiah-11 To the NextGeneration of God’s servants across the world, it is a joy to train them in the most Faith-Building, Life-Changing exercise of all: seeing Prophecy as God’s Signature Across His Word. Are you confident in your faith? Do you know the Bible can be trusted? You can […]

The Book of Revelation

Open to the only book exclusively devoted to introducing us to what our Master and Savior Jesus is doing RIGHT NOW: the last book of the Bible, the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Have you paused yet today to check in with Jesus Christ? The best way to do that is through your Bible, because Jesus Christ is revealed to us as the Word of God. He is the Word, and the Word reveals Him.  Each time we open God’s Word we can hear His Voice.

At Creation God the Son, the Creator spoke and made all things; and through His Apostles and Prophets, His Word has been given. As you open to the last book of your Bibles, you open to the climactic conclusion of God’s Word written down for us.

God’s Reminder to Us: Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

Revelation is God lifting the lid off of Christ, or pulling back the wrapping paper on something very special about Jesus, but not yet fully seen or known. That is what the first word of this book says.

So, chapter 1 is God holding out for us: What Jesus is doing right now.

Chapters 2-3 are God showing us what Jesus sees in His Church.

Chapters 4-22 are what God wants us to know about His plans for the future.

Each of these sections of Revelation is a disclosure and an unveiling of things not yet fully seen, or even really understood.

The Sight of Jesus & Our Progressive Sanctification

As we open to Revelation 1:14 this is the second set of twin descriptions of Christ: His head and hair are white, like wool and snow; His eyes are like burning flames of fire.

When John turned to see who it was that spoke to him, he turned and saw the Ancient of Days Himself, in all His power, in all His holiness, and with those eyes ablaze with an inescapable and penetrating gaze. That is how Jesus Christ the Risen Lord appears at this moment, as we gather before Him. Let that sight get imprinted upon your heart:

Christ’s Flaming Eyes of Penetrating Holiness

Christ’s Chastening & Comforting Work in His Church

When John saw Jesus that Sunday morning on Patmos, he collapsed and was like a dead man. It wasn’t that he was old and weak, or overcome by emotion, John had seen that look in Christ’s eyes before. When he realized what Jesus was communicating, it overwhelmed him. John saw Almighty God the Son, Jesus Christ, who was displeased with His Church.

Did you know that in less than 60 years, the original edition of Christ’s Church had gotten to the point where 70% of the local assemblies were displeasing to God? That’s right 5 out of the 7 churches that Jesus had visited were reprimanded and warned. Christ’s expressed in 5 out of 7 letters His displeasure about the way that were living out God’s plan for their lives.

When Jesus Visits His Church and Finds Unrepentant Sins

John is flattened on Patmos when he sees Jesus. Those flaming eyes seemed so much like the ones John had seen when Jesus cleansed the Temple of Jerusalem. But this time its not the Temple of Jerusalem,  Jesus is headed towards the local churches that make up His Body, His visible presence on Earth.  Jesus with piercing eyes of holiness and glowing feet of chastisement is headed to stomp out the sin that is diminishing His power in His Church.

John is staggered. The churches that received the letter Jesus sent them through John were put on notice and Church History records the results. Those churches that did not repent have gone extinct. Jesus removed their lamp from the stand and He had to find others who would stay useful in His sight.

The Pergamum Connection: Babylon, Balaam, the Beast, and the Final World Religion

Christ’s words in Revelation 2:12-17, is addressed to the locally assembled church in the geographic place called Pergamum: a place of Satan’s seat. There we have heard Christ’s words, which contain a warning about idolatry, Satan’s plan of false worship.

From those early days after Creation, when Adam sinned and all of mankind to follow also fell into sin, God made a way for mankind to come back. The way back was to worship Him by a substitutionary, sacrificial, blood-sprinkled way. 

The key to understanding all of world history since the Fall of Humanity into sin comes from God’s Word. Always remember that the only absolutely trustworthy and accurate account of the earliest days of both the Universe and the human race is found in the inspired words from God in Genesis.

Pergamum: The History of Satan’s Religions

As we open Revelation 1:1, stop for a moment and remember how God starts this final book. We read that:

God Wants His Servants to Understand the Future

God opens the Book of Revelation by telling us that He wrote this book “to show His servants” (Rev. 1:1) things that we need to know about the future. Only followers of God and servants of Christ have the incredible insight for living that comes from knowing for sure, what will happen in the days, months and years ahead.

How Paganism Merged with Romanism

As we open to Revelation 2:14-15, and see the next section of Christ’s message to the saints at Pergamum, the story behind these words actually starts way back in the book of Genesis with the life of Abraham.

Revelation 2:14-15 (NKJV) But I have a few things against you, because you have there those who hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balak to put a stumbling block before the children of Israel, to eat thingssacrificed to idols, and to commit sexual immorality. 15 Thus you also have those who hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate.

Philadelphia: The Rapture According to Jesus

Jesus taught such a comforting, hope-filled message of His return to rescue His Church before the Tribulation, that His disciples went everywhere teaching this same truth. When Paul had only a month in a pagan city where he planted a church, the Rapture was central to their doctrine.

The Rapture was First Taught by Jesus

The Rapture is a doctrine started and taught by Jesus, continued and spread by His disciples, and believed and passionately lived out by His Church. The early church heard and understood this doctrine of Christ’s any moment return, and radiantly lived, looking for ways to please Him when He came to rescue them.

Philadelphia: The Rapture is Christ’s Intentional Rescue of His Church – From What?

We all need a good dose of old-fashioned “living hope”, the kind that the teaching of Christ & His Apostles caused to overflow through the hearts, minds and lives of early New Testament believers.

When Peter addressed the most heavily persecuted saints of the 1st Century living all around the area of the seven churches we are studying in Revelation, he told them a foundational truth. He told them that salvation opens to us life-long lives of hope. Look at 1 Peter 1:3.

Suff. of Scipture Pt 5


ZNA-432 890416pm Sufficiency of Scripture #5 Prophecy Part One So why do we trust the Scriptures? What have made saints cling to the Word for so many centuries? Inspitre of all the trials as Hebrews 11:36-40 speak of? How? they trusted the Bible. Because: I. Because of the supernatural origin of this book. It has […]

Seven Big Events on God’s Calendar for Earth – #1 The Rapture

081109PM WNS-8 Rapture.doc WNS-39 Seven Big Events on God’s Calendar for Earth: #1 The Rapture I Thessalonians 4:17-18 Jesus enclosed a snapshot of what life on earth was like–just before He touched down on the Mt. of Olives, the Ground Zero of His Second Coming[1].   Those snapshots are in Matthew. So please open with […]

Seven Big Events on God’s Calendar for Earth – #2 The Judgement of Believers – The Bema Seat

081026PM WNS-6 Bema.doc WNS-37 Seven Big Events on God’s Calendar for Earth: #2 The Judgment of Believers The Bema Seat Romans 14:10-12 What will matter when you stand alone right in front of Jesus? What do you wish to have in your hands to give to the One who loved you and gave Himself for […]

Seven Big Events on God’s Calendar for Earth – #2 The Judgement of Believers – Seeing in Heaven

081012PM WNS-5 Heaven.doc WNS-36 Seven Big Events on God’s Calendar for Earth: #2 The Judgment of Believers Seeing in Heaven Romans 14:10-12 As we open to II Peter 3, think about the greatest day of our lives. That will be the day we each get to stand before the Lord Jesus Christ—and kneel in front […]

Christ and the Antichrist

050605PM WN-20 Hitler.Christ.Ultimate Angel And Antichrist NR4-40    WNS-27 The Ultimate Angel Hitler, Christ and the antichrist Matthew 24:24 As the end of the world approaches, so does earth’s darkest hour.   Hell will open and the pit will vomit out it’s demon hordes to run wildly throughout humanity. Other beasts from the abyss will […]

Is Your Soul Anchored?

050529am Wn-19   Shipwrecked NR4-39    WNS-26 Shipwrecked Souls Christ our Refuge Matthew 24:24 One of the most feared activities of the ancient world was sailing in a ship across the Mediterranean Sea. Why? Because shipwrecks were so common back then. Many who sailed never returned. The families of would be travelers and sailors most often […]

Living in Hope

050501pm Wn-14   Cling-Resting-Sheltering Hope NR4-34    WNS-21 Living in Hope: by Waiting, Clinging, Resting, Sheltering Matthew 24:21-22 This evening join me as Jesus describes the most hopeless moment in our planets future; the moment when life is heading toward a complete extinction. This moment is somewhere near the end of the Tribulation. That where Jesus […]

The Final Siege of Jerusalem

050424AM WN-13   Final Seige Of Jerusalem Jerusalem NR4-33   WNS-20 The Final Siege of Jerusalem Matthew 24:15-16 If you read and listen to the news with a Biblical mind, you can often hear a faint whisper of some of the truths God’s Word faintly in the background. Think about the implications of this summary I read […]

Jesus is Alive and at Work Today

050327AM  NR4-30   ORS-06   WNS-17  “MEET THE RISEN CHRIST” THE GLORY OF JESUS REVELATION 1:9-18 Portraits 4-7 On the first Easter morning, Mary was looking at the empty tomb and met Jesus.   She had come in sorrow and confusion. All the memories of Him flooded her mind. Jesus had loved her, forgiven her, and made […]

The Prophetic Precision of Palm Sunday

050320am Palm-Prophetic Exactness ORS-07   NR4-28   WNS-15 The prophetic Exactness of palm sunday Matthew 21:1-11 One thing you can be sure of—God keeps His Word.   You can count on Him, trust Him, and believe His Word. We have been looking at the future for the last few weeks in our Prophetic Series What’s Next. But […]

Folly of Date Setting

050313PM WN-07   25 Trends NR4-27     WNS-14 Twenty Five Trends that are Present When Christ Returns— that are present NOW!   One of the greatest dangers in studying Biblical Prophecy—is coming to unbiblical conclusions. That has been the constant threat over the centuries since Christ’s messages on the side of the Mount of Olives. As […]

A Tribulation Survival Guide

050206AM The End Of The World-5 Prophetic-07 NR4-20   WNS-07 Tribulation Survival Guide Jesus Explains The End of the World Luke 21:7-36 For centuries, skeptics who deny God’s Word is reliable and inspired—have pointed to one entire chapter of the Bible that describes an event that has never happened. That event is the prophesied end of […]

When is The End of the World?

050109AM End Of The World.Travel. Prophetic-01 NR4-14    WNS-01 Prophetic Series-1 Christ’s Return and the End of the World Tribulation, Tsunamis And Global Travel Luke 21:7-36 In Matthew 24 we get to see the Tribulation from Christ’s perspective. What will the end of days be like? Jesus tells us–   Matthew 24:22 And unless those […]

Palm Sunday Reminds Us – God’s Word Can Be Trusted

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ORS-30 120401AM Palm.doc Palm Sunday reminds us: God’s Word can be trusted The prophetic exactnessof Christ’s Final Week John 12:12-19 As we open to John 12, we are looking at the final account of Christ’s Triumphal entrance into Jerusalem for His final week of His earthly ministry. After the other three Gospel writers had penned […]

Is the Holocaust in Psalm 102?

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MOI-03    NR5-09 010211PM This evening have you ever connected the happenings in the world, in our newspapers, history books, and on the evening news – with God’s Word the BIBLE? To begin with open to Isaiah 11:11 as God describes the 2nd Return of His People. The 1st was after the Babylonian Exile in 586 BC, this is […]

Seven Bad Years Ahead

MOI-21   NR4-08   NR5-23 990404PM So what’s the bottom line? There are seven years of history left for Israel to complete in God’s program. It’s a time like never before – demonic creatures ravage the earth; one-half of the population is horribly murdered; earth is a wasteland; mankind fiercely fights against God and tries one last […]

Palm Sunday and Daniel’s 70th Week

/ Miracle Of Israel

MOI-20 990321AM Daniel 9 records perhaps the most amazing prophetic passage in all the Bible. Who would ever dream of predicting an event 500 years into the future and naming a specific day on which it would occur? One man did just that. His name is Daniel; his prediction was the day Jesus would ride […]

The Evidence Of Biblical Prophecy

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   BYT-07 960623AM ISAIAH 40:8 What is the simplest and yet most profound evidence the Bible offers?  Fulfilled Biblical prophecy. What an irrefutable verification reserved to the Judeo-Christian Scriptures alone. Prophecy is the missing element in all other sacred scriptures of the world’s religions, It is not to be found in them, by contrast prophecy […]

A Flat Tyre

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BYT-08  960630AM A Flat Tyre Dr. John Phillips states in his book Exploring Prophecy, “Of the hundreds of specific and detailed prophecies in the Bible we could examine, here is one of the most famous: the body of prophecy concerning the destruction of Tyre. That magnificent Phoenician city on the coast of Palestine was leveled […]

Prophecy: the Signature of God

080907AM BYT-29 The Book of Revelation is God’s final word to mankind; it is also the most powerful book of the Bible. Nearly twenty years ago I began writing a book about living hope based on Biblical prophecy because I believed that the last book of the Bible is the most hope filled, hope inspiring, […]

One Huge Event In Prophecy

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080914AM BYT-30 Please turn with me to the second to the last Old Testament book called Zechariah. There God gives us the key to understanding His plan for the last days of Earth. Everything in God’s mind centers upon one place, one city, one word and that is JERUSALEM.   When Jesus told His disciples […]

The Seven Year Tribulation

130623PM Q&A-39 Tribulation.docx The Tribulation Q&A on The Seven Year Tribulation: Who Goes Through it & Why? Who Can be Saved During the Tribulation & How? What Lessons can Believers Today get from the Tribulation Coming? The Seven Year Tribulation: Who Goes Through it & Why? Israel because it is the time of Jacob’s troubles. […]

Thy Kingdom Come: The Big Connection of the Lord’s Supper, God’s Kingdom, Our Lives Each Day, and the Antichrist

Today we celebrate communion, which is the highlight of our month. We have also been studying Revelation. It is amazing that Revelation and the Celebration of Communion have a very big connection. What is also amazing is that the very same big connection can also be found in the Lord’s Prayer. Today may be one of the most amazing connections of the Bible to our every day life.

The Big Connection of The Lord’s Supper & God’s Kingdom

First, please open in your Bibles to Matthew 26:26 where we see Jesus initiating communion as an ongoing reminder of:

Christ’s Death on the Cross for us
Christ’s Burial that forever removed our sins from God’s wrath upon us
Christ’s Resurrection that declares the triumph of God’s plan, God’s Kingdom and of us His children

Where Does the Last Generation & Joel 2’s Blood Moons fit in God’s Prophetic Word?

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The Final Generation: Psalm 83, ISIS, Islamic Hatred of Israel & God’s Plan for the Future

Prophecy is to point us to Christ who is the author of history, and the theme of Scripture.

God’s Word is at its very center prophetic.

The God who recorded the beginning, that no one but Him witnessed in Genesis; is also the God records the ending, that no one but Him could have ever written, in Revelation.

The Antichrist is the Worst Human Who Ever Lives

As we open to Daniel 7, we continue to listen to God describe the worst human who will ever live.

We first met him as the Beast and the false peacemaking Rider on the White Horse in Revelation 6& 13.
Then we saw him as the One Standing in the Holy Place that Jesus says in Matthew 24 will bring the abomination that causes desolation.
Then we saw Paul’s long description of him as the Man of Sin and the Lawless One in 2 Thessalonians 2.
We went on to 1 John’s description of him as the Antichrist.

When God Removes His Restraint Humanity Destroys Itself

One of God’s attributes is His wrath. Last time we saw His future, ultimate, smoldering wrath as He returns to judge the world. That is His cataclysmic wrath as He pours out His fiery indignation. There is another element of God’s wrath and that is what operates all the time. It is called His consequential wrath. Cataclysmic & Consequential, both are forms of God’s wrath against sin and sinners who do not repent.

God’s consequential wrath was built into His creation of the universe. Please turn to Hebrews 11. Our Creator-God who is the All Mighty Maker of the Heavens & the Earth, spoke so much into existence at Creation that scientists have never stopped discovering, for thousands of years, more and more of what He did. Underlying all the vast parts of the Universe are laws that seem to govern everything.

What Happens When God Shakes the Earth With a “Mega Seismos”?

This morning we are examining the Biblical Doctrine of the Second Coming of Christ. This Doctrine is taught in God’s Word across over 1,800 verses, with over 300 of those verses in the New Testament.

The Doctrine of the Second Coming of Christ

God’s Word is immensely prophetic.

When the Bible was written it was made up of approximately 27% pro­phetic material. Over the thirty-five hundred years since the Bible first began to be written down, many of the prophecies have already come true. But many prophecies are still slumbering, not yet awakened and launched into history by the Hand of God Himself. God watches over His Word to perform everything He has written (Jeremiah 1:12).

The Day of the Lord and the Centrality of Christ to Everything

We have come this morning to the next doctrine in Revelation 6. We have come to the Day of the Lord & Christ’s Centrality to Everything.

All of human history, all of God’s Word the Bible, and the entire universe in which we live centers upon Jesus Christ, God the Son.

Paul overflowed in wonder at Christ’s glory in Romans 11:36 (NKJV) when he said:

For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever. Amen.

The Great Contrast: The Intense Hatred of God Against Sin and the Immense Love of God Toward Sinners

This morning we enter a new chapter of the Book of Revelation. As you open with me to Revelation 7, let me explain what lies before us.

If we were doing a one-phrase-summary of each chapter of the Bible, we could summarize the main idea of Revelation 6 as: The Intense Wrath of God Against Sin.

If we did the same for Revelation 7 it would be: The Immense Love of God Towards Sinners. Back to back those seem to be polar opposites.  What is amazing is that God designed this incredible contrast.

The Silence Before the Storm

As we open to Revelation 8 today, we are going to find again that in each chapter there are incredible insights into our Great God. Each of this book’s 404 verses are like tiny windows into understanding a bit more of our All Powerful and Almighty God.

Almost every one of the seven teaching truths or “doctrines”  that are presented in this chapter are tied to the same doctrines in the other books of the Bible that God has already taught us. Here is what we see taught in Reveltion 8:

The Silence of God & the Suffering of Saints

This morning we arrive at the eighth chapter of Revelation. This chapter may hold one of the most impacting truths we have studied so far in this final book of God’s Word. This chapter before us contains the twin truths that explain what has happened to the prayers of every believer and saint of every age of human history. The twins truths are that God illustrates for us:

The Destination & Application of Our Prayers

Each time we pray in Christ’s Name that prayer rises before the Face of God our Father. 

Why Does God Send the Second Greatest Ecological Disaster of History in Revelation 8?

In Genesis 6-8, God sent the first ecological disaster of human history in the catastrophic Global Flood of Noah. It was less than 5,000 years ago, when God completely devastated the surface of the entire planet. Through 40 days of rain, plus most likely the fountains of the deep (volcanic eruptions), God drowned or buried every land animal, and every human except the eight in the Ark. That was:

The First Catastrophic Ecological Event

The Bottomless Pit and God’s Lessons About the Demons’ Location

Before we return to Revelation 9, which would be opening to one of the darkest chapters of the Bible, we should ask ourselves why would we even want to study through this chapter? Why do we need to study what God says about Satan, demons, and the bottomless pit? Is that something that believers in the 21st century really need to know?

The answer to all those questions is the same. A resounding YES. The truth is that God has warned us about our Adversary Satan (that by the way is the meaning of the name Satan, “adversary”), and commanded us to on guard against him. 

Stark Choices: Christ’s Offer of Life and the Devil, Demons, the Destroyer from the Abyss, and Endless Death

We open to what most Bible commentators over the centuries have called perhaps the most challenging chapter in the Bible, Revelation chapter 9. Before we dive in we need to step back and remember one of the most amazing features of this book: the role of the Gospel in relation to the horrors of the Tribulation.

An Invitation from God

The Bible closes with one of the greatest invitations of all, found in the final chapter, of the last book of the Bible. So, before the horrors of Rev. 9, listen to the offer of endless life from Jesus Christ to all who will listen:

Revelation 22:16-17 (NKJV) “I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star.” 17 And the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!” And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely.

The Serpent, Devil, Deceiver, Dragon, Accuser Satan is Alive and Busy on Earth Today

One of the reasons God has left us as believers on earth is to resist the Devil and stand against Satan’s plans. God wants us aware that Satan is alive and well on planet Earth, We are to neither ignore nor fear Satan, we are to resist him. That is the truth that God wanted emphasized in the Church, and that is the theme of Revelation 9. 

Satan is constantly prowling the world seeking to demote God, and derail God’s work from being accomplished on Earth among people, but we are called to resist and stand against him.

How Can Our Understanding of Almighty God, Angels, and Demons Transform Us as Followers of Jesus Today?

As we open to Revelation 9 this morning we come asking God to meet with us, and speak to us from His Word. That is what the Bible means when it is called the Word of God. So for each of us, for every day of our lives, we are to live not just by eating food, but by also listening from our hearts to these:

Words to Hear from Almighty God

The Bible is the Almighty God of the Universe Who desires to speak to us, and desires that we respond to Him. The Bible was sent to us by God; and God is the Subject of every part of this Book. 

When God Sends Humanity a Taste of Hell by Releasing the Locust Demons from the Pit

One of the more difficult and misunderstood topics of the Bible is the doctrine God’s Word teaches us about Hell. As we open to Matthew 25, consider the Biblical Doctrine of Hell.

There are many opinions, many disputes, and many misunderstandings. As with almost all disputes about the Bible, each can be answered by a look at the actual passages, and not merely by talking about them. 

So this morning, we open to the greatest living authority on Hell, who spoke more about it than all the other writers of the Bible combined: His name is Jesus; and if you doubt that there will be an endless, conscious, horribly painful torment of un-forgiven sinners in a literal Hell, then understand that you’re protesting the clear, plain and simple teaching of Jesus Christ, and no one else.

Learning How to Resist Our Worst Enemies Using the Five Key Truths of Spiritual Warfare

As we open to Isaiah 14 this morning, we are viewing the spiritual realm beyond our physical world. Above all the vast reaches of the cosmos, above all the swirling galaxies, shining stars and circling planets God made some special creatures, fashioned for His own service—the angels.
And in this angelic host of the Almighty God in heaven, above the super-powerful archangels, above the fiery seraphim, and above the mighty cherubim, there was one angel that God chose to be the crown prince of them all.

Deception, Deceivers, Satan, and the Rebels

As we open to Revelation 1:3 this morning, we enter the only book of the Bible that has attached to it a promised blessing from God, for any believer who reads and responds to these words from God. 

God Wants to Bless each of His servants this morning

So just opening and following along today with an open and surrendered heart means we each get to experience today the blessings of God. Listen to His promise:

Rev. 1:3 (NKJV) Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near.

Thy Kingdom Come, Asking for Paradise on Earth

We have come to the twelfth and final promise God made to Israel. 

God PROMISED in His Word that: Jesus will return as Israel’s Messiah, Jesus Christ the Pierced Messiah will rescue the Jews at their darkest hour, after defeating all their enemies and locking up their fiercest adversary the Devil they will rebuild their Temple in Jerusalem for all the world to visit, and finally that Jesus Christ, the Son of David will sit as the Promised King on the Throne of David. 

God Keeps His Promises

The Millenium: Christ’s Return and Reign as the King of Kings

Nothing can ever compare to the return of the King. 

Earth again will see its Creator no longer shrouded in the form of a humble servant. Christ’s Return is with the blazing glory that slightly glowed from the Mount of Transfiguration, but that on Patmos was as blinding as the Sun in the witness of the Apostle John.

So He come, powerfully splitting open the skies, majestically descending with the clouds. Before Him nothing can stand, every knee bows, all heads drop, the people of the earth begin to wail and moan. Their worst nightmares are now reality. The One who saw every secret, who heard every thought, and who felt every drop of their venomous hatred is coming, and finally—its too late.

Strategic Planning to Face the Coming End of Days

Each year we get to start a new fresh page.

This year that page is named 2010, and it contains 365 1/4 days, 8766 hours, 1/2 million minutes , and 31 1/2 million seconds. 

But more than anything else, this new year is a new opportunity for each of us to invest as much of that time as we want to into the First Eternal Bank of Jesus Christ, located at the Throne of the Almighty Ancient of Days, at the source of the River of Life, in the center of the Crystal Sea, also commonly known as Heaven.

God’s Chosen People: Jerusalem, Armageddon and World War III

The God who recorded the beginning, that no one but Him witnessed in Genesis; is also the God gives us the ending, that no one but Him could have ever written, in Revelation. 

Isn’t it amazing that God devotes 1/4th or 25% of the Bible to the indivisible union that the world’s destiny has with God’s Chosen People of Promise, Israel, Jerusalem, and the Jews? Never forget:

The Centrality of Israel
In the Bible

God’s Chosen People: Chastened

God has made hundreds of promises to the direct descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—know as the nation of Israel, the Jewish people. In fact, there are more verses and chapters of the Bible are devoted to the Jews, the Nation of Israel, and their future on Earth before the end of the world—than any other subject or topic in all of the Scriptures.

All of the promises and predictions that God made are part of His offer to us that identifies Him as the true God. We could boil all of those hundreds of promises down to 12 clear groups.

The Third Temple: Jerusalem and the Dome of The Rock

Three thousand years ago the greatest human fortune ever amassed on Earth was passed on from father to son. Please turn with me to I Chronicles 22.

King David in 970BC gave Solomon 1 million talents of silver (that means somewhere between 60 and 100 million pounds of silver, or 30 to 50 thousand tons of silver, worth 14.4 to 24 billion dollars today at recent market closes of about $15/ounce). 

David also gave Solomon 100 thousand talents of gold (that is between 6 and 10 million pounds of gold, or 3-5 thousand tons of gold, worth between 90-150 billion dollars today at $950/ounce). 

The Four Horsemen, Global Graveyards, Flu, Pandemics, and the End of Days

Adam’s sin allowed death to enter the world. Our original parents were first to taste the warmth of life, and also first to feel the coldness of death. Before the fall there was no disease, no coughing, fevers, convulsions, or death. But death brought sickness when it arrived, and now sickness accounts for the most deaths each year around the world.

Every cough is a reminder of our fallen world, every sickness is a reminder of our inevitable death, and all who will every sin, get sick or die need a Savior. So each new wave of diseases and death is actually an advertisement showing how desperately we all need a Savior.

Global Anti-Semitism: The Final Sign of the Ten Signs Christ Gave in Matthew 24 – Sign #10

Satan the Dragon has a fixation on destroying the people of the Name (Rev. 15).

God has written history, and put on paper that He is going to save a remnant of Israel at their final and most desperate hour (Zechariah 12-14).

Satan can read. He knows the written down parts of the plan, and for the past 2600 years since that plan and other parts were revealed, he has intensified his efforts to thwart God.

Satan wants to
Thwart God’s Plan

Do Believers Escape the Global Grave Yards?

Do we as present day believers get to escape all of the dangerous times of death and destruction of the Tribulation? In a precise, accurate, Biblical, and theological way the true answer is: YES. Christ’s church is not destined or appointed to go through that wrath (I Thessalonians 5:9). 

However, if we go though just the normal struggles that many face today, and most have always faced—it may seem like the Tribulation to those of us in the English-speaking world. In historic perspective, we Americans are living in a bubble, and I believe the bubble—is already starting to pop.

Are we to prepare for the demonic invasion of Satan’s rampage through the earth in the Tribulation? No, but are you prepared this evening for what most believers alive on earth today, and throughout the past six thousand years, have faced? Probably not!

Getting Ready To Suffer

We can see on the horizon this evening, the world Jesus described as Earth at the End of Days. 

As we open to Luke 21, remember, Christ’s sermon called the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21) was His description of what the world would be like during the Tribulation’s horrors. But He framed His horrific description of the End of Days by these incredible words in one of these three parallel accounts, the one recorded in Luke 21:28: 

“When you see these things (listen) BEGIN to happen, look up…”.

His Great Faithfulness in Our Great Suffering

When we listen closely to Christ’s words near the start of His ministry, we hear Jesus say to all believers of all time, “Rejoice when you face persecution” (Matthew 5:10-12). At the end of His public ministry, this same Jesus also goes on to say that for those at the end of days, the worst is yet to come (Matthew 24:9-10). 

When we listen closely to Christ’s words near the end of His ministry, He tells us of a future time when all of us who know and love Him will suffer greatly; and when we add that to all of the struggles, trials, challenges, hurdles, and disappointments life brings—we get a huge amount of suffering in a lifetime. 

So this evening as we turn towards Lamentations 3, we turn to the greatest reminder in all of God’s Word that when there are great sufferings, during them we can find the assurance of God’s greater faithfulness.

Global Apostasy: Ancient Truth vs. Ancient Heresies

Have you ever wondered what we look like from Heaven, as God looks down on us as we gather?

Please open with me to I Timothy 3:15.

God designed His Church to be pillars, grounded in truth as God’s household living on earth; but that truth is under assault –and God has said the war against truth will intensify as the world nears its final hour. 

We have gathered as Christ’s Church. We are members of God’s household and part of His family; and our purpose is to uphold by what we live and say God’s Truth as recorded in the Bible. Please stand as we listen to God describing us this evening:

Global Apostasy: Shipwrecked

Please open to I Timothy 1:19-20.

The God of the Universe has revealed Himself by way of a Book that He wrote.
That Book called the Bible; and it contains propositional truth from the One who calls Himself the Author of Truth.

This God explains that as the countdown to the end of days approaches, so does the level of religious deception. False teachers, proclaiming a false gospel, with false prophets, heralding false messiahs would become the norm as Jesus explained in Matthew 24:24.

Global Pestilences: Sign #7

Jesus sat on the olive tree covered slopes of the Mt. of Olives, and gave His disciples a private briefing of the End of Days for Planet earth. In the shortest and yet most complete summary He describes life from His 1st Advent through to His 2nd. That sermon called by theologians the “Olivet Discourse” is again our focus, as we open to Matthew 24:7. Tonight we hear Jesus is describing another element of what the Earth would be like at His Coming. 

Each of the other six elements we have studied, that are given in God’s Word  (Global: Travel, Knowledge Explosion, Disaster Awareness, Communications, Commerce, and Apostasy) are actually trends that become full blown, global realities during what is known in God’s Word the Bible as the End of Days.

Global Signs of Christ’s Coming

As believers, God gives us an insider’s knowledge. There is an eventual major upheaval in the worldwide social and economic situation. All the currency of the world: its money, possessions, fashions, and whims, will be worthless at our death or Christ’s return, either of which could be very soon. This insight should utterly change our investment strategy.

Jesus explained to us in Matthew 24, verses 8 and 33-34—that these events would begin at the same time, run concurrently, and crescendo like the pains of a woman giving birth—the closer we get to His Second coming. 

Matthew 24:8, 33-34 All these are the beginning of sorrows. 33 So you also, when you see all these things, know that it is near—at the doors! 34 Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place.

Global Apostasy: Ancient Heresies

Before the celestial “shock and awe” judgments of the Tribulation are unleashed, God’s Word describes a time characterized by false teaching and teachers SO strong, that it would even sweep away even true believers (Mark 13:22) if they were not sealed by the Spirit of God. 

In Matthew 24 Jesus describes the world before He returns in His Second Coming, as a world where the love of most has grown cold because of false teachers (Matthew 24:11-12); and where “the Faith” will be nearly extinct (Luke 18:8). 

The end of the church age is shown in Revelation 3 to be like the church at Laodicea where truth is light, self-centeredness is heavy; materialism and personal agendas run deep, and true Biblical spirituality is shallow. 

Global Apostasy

WNS-42 090104PM As the end of the physical world approaches, earth’s darkest spiritual hour also arrives.   Satan knows that God has plans to save “a great multitude which no one could number, of all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, with palm branches […]

The Implications of Christ’s Convictions About Science, History & Prophecy

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What standard do we use to measure proper handling of the Bible? Whenever we use the Bible one standard we should always seek to gage if we are doing so correctly. The standard is how Jesus used God’s Word. 

This morning as we open to John 1:1-18, we need to consider the implications of Christ’s convictions about the Word of God, because:

Jesus has the
Highest View of Scripture

The Wrath of God & the Depravity of Humanity

As we continue through Revelation, we have come to one of the key doctrines of the Bible, the Doctrine of the wrath of God. The wrath of God is part of the absolute justice of God.

No sin can go unpunished with God’s absolute holiness and justice. So even though there may be little or no evident response from God for most of the sins being poured out by fallen and sinful humans, God’s justice has kept track of every sin ever sinned against the Infinite, All-Knowing God Almighty.

But a moment is coming when the river of humanity’s sins, piling up behind the dam of God’s patience will reach the limit, and the righteous, infinite, just wrath of Almighty God bursts forth.

The Coming of the Promised and Amazing Global Peacemaker

The Bible is a consistent Book from a changeless God; and every part of God’s Word agrees with every other part.

Looking out at each of you who came to Calvary, eager to hear God’s Word and respond to Him and get blessed this morning, just thrills my heart. All week long I study the Word and minister the word to individuals, but this is the thrill of my week standing to share God’s Word with you, Christ’s body at Calvary.

Seal #1: As the World Believes the Lie, How Do We Know if We are Anchored in the Truth

All around us, the winds of apostasy are blowing stronger each day. As we open to Revelation 6, let me ask you: Are you anchored in the Doctrine of Christ? More and more individuals who claim to be born-again Christians and their churches and denominations are slowly caving in to growing public opinion and societal pressures.

Satan, the god of this world is more at work than ever before. He is older, smarter and has a vast communications system of world media consumption. Our world is slowly self-defining God and His laws instead of honoring His Word. That falling away is called apostasy in the Bible from the compound Greek words: apo (from) and histemi (standing): apostasy – literally, “a leaving, from a previous standing.”

Seal #1 – When the World Believes the Lie, God Launches the Tribulation with Satan’s Global Deception of False Peace, False Security, False Prosperity

Please open your personal copy of the written down words that came directly from the Throne Room of the Universe, from the Almighty God that inhabits eternity. Those words for us this morning start in Revelation 7:9.

At the end of days, Satan empowers one man to win the world. He offers to satisfy all of mankind’s desires for peace & safety. He becomes Satan’s substitute for Jesus Christ, in the person of the antichrist. Today we are looking at how God describes the launch of this event. But why are we doing so? Because:

Revelation Shows Us: God is in Charge

The Rejection of the Real King and the Reception of the False King

Today as we open to Matthew 21, we celebrate what is traditionally called Palm Sunday and marks the time when the Real King, Jesus the Christ, was rejected.

We commemorate the day when God sent Jesus into Jerusalem as the promised Messiah and Prince of Peace who would govern the world perfectly. But Jesus was ultimately rejected as King by the people. Jesus wouldn’t give them what they wanted, so they rejected Him. The summary of what happened the week of the Triumphal entry is:

The Rejection of the Real King

The Easter Message of Genesis 1 to Revelation 19 is: The Ignored Creator is Rejected; The Crucified Savior is Risen; The Angered Judge is Returning

God’s Word places Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection as central. Everything in the Old Testament points towards the Cross, everything in the New Testament points back to the Cross.

The Centrality of Christ’s Death, Burial & Resurrection

I would invite you to open to that central event of all time and of all that ever matters. That event is recorded in John 20. Open there to see our Creator, who is crucified for His own creature’s sin, and then rises from the dead.

Understanding Revelation 6-19 by Using Christ’s Longest Answer Ever Given

As we open to Revelation 6 and begin to work our way verse-by-verse through this amazing portion of God’s Word, we all need to get our minds around the big picture of what we are doing. First, let me state the obvious but vital foundational truth:

God Wrote the Entire Bible

The Bible is a complete course of study in order to graduate with proficiency in knowing, serving and pleasing our Creator. God is the instructor, His textbook is the Bible, and the Degree we have enrolled in is “Knowing God.” There are 66 courses of study; one for each book of the Bible.

Peter’s Lessons on the End of the World, Materialism, Contentment and the Uncluttered Life

Jesus sat down and shared with us His disciples the facts of earthly life. That’s how I describe the Sermon on the Mount.

The Facts of Earthly Life

Those chapters contained Jesus explaining the basics about salvation, prayer, relational dynamics and earthly treasures. We’ve studied the prayer portion at length, as well as the salvation portion. But the treasure lesson is what we’ll see today. Look at Matthew 6:19-24.

Materialism Blinds Our Eyes with Earthly Treasures: Look Up

As we open to 2 Peter 3:14-17, we are coming to Peter’s fourth element in how to build an uncluttered, focused life that survives the fires of  Revelation 6-19’s Return of the King.

Peter most clearly explains the Day of the Lord’s Second Coming as King, and we need to frame our understanding of Revelation 6-19 through the other Scriptures God has already given to us.

Beware: Materialism Corrodes Our Wills If We Try to Serve Two Masters

Every day we each make a big choice. Each day we choose which master we will follow. This is not about what we say, because with our mouth most believers would readily say that Christ is our Master.

Each day we point to our Master by our choices, with our time investments and with our motivations that drive our handling of money. Those are the actions that speak louder than our words. Those are the choices that clearly frame who really is the master of our lives.

Jesus, Money, Stewardship, Rewards, and Eternity: What is God’s Desire for Us Laodicean Age Believers?

For the past six weeks we have looked at how Christ’s words about the dangers of living for the temporal treasures of materialism stayed with Peter to the end of his life, even to the point of his last chapter of life, 2 Peter 3. We saw these as:

Peter’s Lessons on: the End of the World, Materialism, Contentment & the Un-Cluttered Life

But, the lessons of Peter’s last chapter are dwarfed by the even more clear and direct words of Christ’s last letter.

Unleashing the Power of Contentment into My Life and Ministry

We were saved to serve God but Satan wants to distract us from God using the world’s allurements.  One of the greatest needs in life is contentment. Contentment comes only by the application of the doctrines of God to my life.

Any lack of contentment signals a deficiency in experiencing God’s truth in my life. Just as prayerfulness reflects how much we need God, so our:

Contentment Reflects How Well We Know God

How to Live a Life of Pleasing God in a Doomed and Dying World

Last week we began looking at the Return of the King. What a scene of devastation and horror awaits the lost who continued to refuse to repent. We did a Jet Tour through:

God’s Description of the End of Days

Then we ended at 2 Peter 3. On the way back to 2 Peter, stop and look with me at 1 Peter 1. To understand 2 Peter 3, we need some perspective.

Peter is in the midst of great persecution, writing to a group of local churches facing fiery trials. Peter the Apostle has reached the end of his public ministry and, as the most visible of Christ’s followers, is being hunted down by the Emperor Nero. Peter was a big target.

Five Lessons From Peter On How to Build a Destruction-Proof Legacy

Today we open to the second half of the last chapter of 2 Peter.

Peter’s Last Days

Here Peter is at the end of the road. I can just see him now with his gnarled fisherman’s hands, and the skin of his face and arms still leathery from all his years on boats in the sun, those eyes still piercingly full of zeal.

Peter never lost the wonder of Jesus. He has lived everyday with purpose. Jesus had called out to him as a young businessman and said to “Follow Me,” and Peter had.

How to Survive the End of the World

Almighty God who sees everything, knows everything, and is infinitely wise has a plan. That plan involves ending the sin, death, evil and rebellion in this world. That plan has been written down and is ours today.

As we start our study of this next section of Revelation, it reminds us that ONLY God knows the future. No person, demon, astrologer, prophet, writer, no one but God KNOWS the future. That is one of the most amazing facets of God’s character. He is never surprised. God always knows what WILL happen; and only He knows that. We need to listen to God.

Coming Soon – Global Peace, Safety and Prosperity

As we open to Revelation 6:2, I wonder if most of us remember what directly precedes the launch of the Tribulation? The way that Jesus, Paul, John & Daniel all describe the start of the Tribulation is not with disasters, wars, famines, and pestilences. The Tribulation begins, according to the Bible, with global peace, safety, and prosperity.