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WFJ-23 970720PM LIVING PURITY—How to be Blameless When Jesus Comes for YOU! (I THESSALONIANS 4:1-8). The city of Thessalonica is a thriving city – the second largest in Greece today. In Paul’s day that meant lots of temptations for the eyes, the mind, and the flesh.   What did he prescribe? Abstinence from anything that […]

How To Be God’s Man And Husband

020915AM Prayer-13 GDGW-31 Growing Dads God’s Way-31 The Most Powerful Tools in Godly Parenting: Prayer – 13 PRAYING THAT THEY WAIT TO MEET GOD’S PREPARED PARTNER FOR THEM  DWM-24    WFF-31   WFP-26   One of my favorite moments in ministry is when I stand up here with two trembling hearts standing before me at the […]

How To Pray For Purity

020721AM Prayer-5 GDGW-23 Growing Dads God’s Way-23 The Most Powerful Tools in Godly Parenting: Prayer – 5 Praying for their Purity DWM-16    WFF-23  WFP-18 Did you know what Jesus prayed for you and me as He walked towards Gethsemane, with His eyes lifted toward His Father in Heaven? He was praying for our sanctification. […]

Chaste – Pursuing Biblical and Godly Modesty in an Unbiblical and Ungodly World

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Salvation is described as being clothed with Christ’s righteousness; and the Christian life is portrayed as putting on Christ each day. So each of us here today are literally, as believers: Clothed with Christ.

With that in mind, would any of these descriptions portray Christ’s appearance as presented in God’s Word, if He were here ministering in this 21st Century culture? Do you think Christ ever chose to dress in a way that was provocative, sensual, or revealing of the areas of His Body that God’s Word says need to be covered?

Do you think He would ever choose to appear “skimpily-attired”, short skirts, short shorts, or with sexually arousing outfits? Do you think Jesus could ever be described as: hot, immodest, alluring, edgy?