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ZNA-438 890326AM THE ULTIMATE SIGN SEVEN SIGNS FROM THE GOSPEL OF JOHN It was very early on Resurrection morning that a small group of weary and saddened women left the city. It was still dark as they crossed the road to that small garden at the foot of Mt. Moriah or Golgotha or Calvary — […]

Who Rose From the Grave?

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ZNA-92 970330AM EASTER MESSAGE WHO ROSE FROM THAT TOMB? JOHN 18-20 Now the peculiar thing about this phenomenon is that, not only did it spread to every single member of the party of Jesus of whom we have any trace, but they brought it to Jerusalem and carried it with inconceivable audacity into the most […]

Unleashing Christ’s Resurrection Power

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ORS-32 120408AM EasterUnleashing Christ’s Resurrection Power.doc Unleashing Christ’s Resurrection Power John 20 As we open to John 20, think of what God accomplished at Christ’s Resurrection. Think of the very first Sunday after the Crucifixion: When Jesus stepped from the Tomb on Resurrection morning, God unleashed the greatest power of all. Not only had Jesus […]

The Mightiest Miracle of Calvary

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ORS-27 100404AM Mightiest.doc The MightIEST Miracle ofCalvary Matthew 27 Jesus rose triumphant over sin, death, and Hell after being captured and killed during the greatest crime the world has ever witnessed.  On a cross of wood, with carpenter’s tools, and “on a skull shaped hill, on a sunny day outside of Jerusalem nearly 2,000 years […]

When Jesus Seems Distant – Look For The Risen One

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ORS-26 080323AM Easter Meet the Risen Christ at WorkToday–what is Jesus doing today.doc When Jesus Seems Distant—Look For the Risen One   John 20:1-18 Open with me to the Garden Tomb, on Resurrection morning in John 20:1-18. This morning, many of us are so often like Mary heading to the Tomb on Resurrection Sunday. Mary […]

Words of Hope from Our Risen Lord

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ORS-25 070408AM Easter Seven Wonderful Reminders from Our Risen Lord   .doc SEVEN WONDERFUL REMINDERS From Our Risen Lord Luke 24:44 What does this Resurrection morning mean to all of us gathered in Christ? Everything. It is everything to us. All that we believe, all that we hope, all that we trust—everything was on Jesus when […]