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Is There a Pagan Origin?

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REV-38 930328PM Well, in the words of Pastor Huff, I always love beginnings and endings.  It’s always good to see beginnings, new life in Christ.  I love to marry people, I love to dedicate babies, and it”s such a joy.  Endings are always wonderful too.  Especially the home going of a dear saint.  But it’s […]

Sacraments and Purgatory

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REV-37 930321PM There are seven reasons, but I’ll introduce that starting in verse 6, because the apostle Paul was confronted with something of nearly as great a magnitude as the Roman Church is. And you can see how he spoke out very strongly.  In fact, this book of the, his epistle to the Galatians, is […]

Bible, Traditions and Images

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REV-36 930314PM   God’s Simple Plan of Salvation I was challenged this morning after the second service.  Someone came up to me and said, “It’s really wonderful to know everything that the Bible says is wrong about that; but how do you get in to the family of God if you don’t get in through […]

The Mass and Mary

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The Mass and Mary REV-35 930307PM “WHY I AM NOT NOR EVER COULD BE A ROMAN CATHOLIC series” Galatians 1:6 The largest visible church in the world is the one called the Catholic or Roman Catholic church. There are many who love the Lord and serve the Lord who have been or are Catholics today. […]

What is Belief?

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020602AM NR6-46 Masters Message in John-51 THE MASTER’S MESSAGE SERIES JOHN-51 BLIND EYES MADE TO SEE BY JESUS The world according to Jesus is divided into two groups: o those that are in darkness, the spiritually blind and o those that have sight, the spiritually seeing. There are only two kinds of people. There’s no […]

Do You Believe and Have This Life?

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NR6-45 020224AM What happens when you preach the gospel from the Gospels to lost sinners? Does it work any more? I mean does the gospel impact lives like it did in the world of Christ and the Apostles?   Sometimes it seems that the Roman World of Bible times that Jesus and Paul lived in […]

Jesus Explains the Gospel

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010401AM NR6-44 Mark-50 Masters Message in Luke-10 THE MASTER’S MESSAGE IN LUKE-9 FAITH THAT SAVES IS HUMBLE AND SUBMITTING We come now to the close of our survey of Luke. In these past weeks since Christmas we have seen that Jesus shares the Good News of salvation 23 times, each unique and yet each with […]

Four Hearts–One Soil

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NR6-39 GHS-6_Four Hearts – One Soil 040418AM One Soil and Four Hearts! Its been a long day. Jesus started the day teaching inside a home (Mark 3.20-21) and was approached by His own family who tried to “arrest” Him and drag Him back to Nazareth so they could ‘take care of Him’. Then He was […]

Seven Words of Hope & Life

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NR6-38 040411AM Jesus lives. The Tomb is empty. Death is defeated. The Grave is opened. God is in control. His Word is true. The Devil is destroyed. Death, Hell, and the Grave are rendered powerless by Christ’s Resurrection. God won. When Jesus rose the disciples were able to talk with Him, learn from Him, and […]

The Unpardonable Sin

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NR6-36 THE UNPARDONABLE SIN 040208AM THE SIN FOR WHICH THERE IS NO FORGIVENESS Mark 3.20-30 As we open to Mark 3 today, we open to Jesus walking on this earth and confronting the Scribes, men of the Word. As we prepare to read the 11 verses that record that event stop and think what I […]

Following Jesus

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GR6-35 000716AM Following Jesus Revelation 17 – Why I’m Not A Roman Catholic Jul 16, 2000 | tags: 000716am Those two words, so full of power, are FOLLOWING JESUS. This morning I encourage you to look at Christ’s call of Matthew in Mark 2:13-17, and see if you also are willing to Follow Jesus! Working by […]

Christ’s Finished Work

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000618PM NR6-34 Mark-19 Forgiveness COMMUNION DECLARES CHRIST’S FINISHED WORK MARK 14:24 Communion declares Christ’s finished work! Jesus has reached the last evening He will share with His beloved Disciples, His plan is to celebrate Passover and transform it into a special memorial to the FINISHED WORK of His death. Communion is for His church to […]

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