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ROK-19 130714AM My favorite Prophetic Bible Study Resources are: 1. The MacArthur Study Bible I use: 2. The Best Cross-Reference Guide to the Bible: 3. Grudem Systematic Theology: 4. The DTS, Bible Knowledge Commentary set I use: 5. The Phillips, Exploring the Future book I use: 6. The Payne, Encyclopedia […]


BYT-44 090329AM Understanding How Jesus Used God’s Word. If we look closely at the recorded words of Jesus, and especially in the 1 in every 10 that are quotations from the Old Testament, we can see that the Bible was Christ’s Book that He constantly relied upon.   Jesus built His life and ministry upon […]


BYT-45  090419AM Pondering the implications of Christ’s Convictions about Science   So all museums, textbooks, teachers, and schools that proclaim as science something different from God’s Word are wrong! And any science that contradicts the truth that God created the Universe perfect, and the sin of the first human plunged all of humanity and the […]

Lesson 3-3 – Recovering The Bible’s Sufficiency For Life And Godliness

  BC&D-11 121128 BCD101-Week 10.docx Lesson 3: Man’s Way & God’s Way Recovering the Bible’s Sufficiency For Life & Godliness   Twenty-first century Christians are nearing a point where the supernatural work of the Spirit of God using the Divinely-inspired Word of God has become simplistic and inadequate for describing, confronting, and ministering to human […]

The Life Changing Book

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960922AM BYT-10 Open your Bibles to the Psalm extolling the majesty of God’s word, Psalm 19:7 The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple. (KJV) Many years ago a missionary statesman stood holding a well worn Bible and said: Though the cover is worn […]

The Power Of Scripture

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960929AM Psalm 19 BYT-11 Perhaps the clearest picture of the Power of Scripture was painted by a shepherd boy on a grassy hill in the Middle East 3,000 years ago.   Unquestionably the most majestic and awesome affirmation of the Divine Scriptures is in Psalm 19. As we turn there think with me. . . […]

God’s Word – The Divine Teacher

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961110AM Psalm 19 BYT-13 Our text this morning is Psalm 19:7     The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple. (KJV)   IN THE DRAWING ROOM (1954 R.B. Munger) We walked next into the drawing room.  This room was rather intimate and comfortable.  […]

Restoring The Soul

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961117AM BYT-14 The source that gives ultimate light is the sublimely described Scriptures.Psalm 19:7-9 has six synonyms for God’s Word and twelve qualities ascribed to it. Each of these 18 descriptions of the Word of God is an inspired photo of the divine power of God’s Word. It is sufficient. It can absolutely meet its purpose! […]

God’s Word Restores The Soul

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961124AM Psalm 19 BYT-15 Our world[1] is filled with mysteries. For thousands of years humans have lived, left their accomplishments and died. Only in our day of global travel and television has the magnitude of these ancient mysteries been confirmed. Who constructed the megaliths of Europe that number in the tens of thousands. Each stone […]

The Divine Witness

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961201AM Psalm 19 BYT-16 God’s Word: the divine Witness Do you know what Abraham Lincoln had in his pockets the night of his assassination at the Ford Theater? The actor John Wilkes Booth, shot and mortally wounded the 16th president of the US,  on April 14th, 1865, just 5 days after the South surrendered and […]

What Does 2 Kings 15:36 Say About Extra-Biblical Books, Canonization, And Our Inspired Bibles

Ultimately, Scripture is the test of everything; it is the Christian’s standard. In fact, the word canon means “a rule, standard, or measuring rod.” The canon of Scripture is the measuring rod of the Christian faith, and it is complete.

Of course, throughout history spurious books have been offered as genuine Scripture. For example, the Roman Catholic Bible includes the Apocrypha. The Roman Catholic Church accepts those books as Scripture, but it is clear that they are not.32 They contain errors in history, geography, and theology.

Confessing Sin, the Fall, Worship, Is Mormonism a Cult & Did Paul Add to God’s Word

Questions answered:

What is the context of confessing our sins to one another in James 5:16? 

What did Paul mean in saying “I, not the Lord, say” in 1 Corinthians 7:12? 

How long was the period of time between Creation in Genesis 1 and the Fall in Genesis 3? 

Is our worship only supposed to be on Sundays? 

Does Billy Graham condone Mormonism? Is Mormonism a cult or a part of Christianity?