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The Discipline of Stewardship of Our Life

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WFL-03 030112AM His movement became the fastest growing system in the history of the world. By 1980 his followers controlled almost 4/6ths   of the world — and brutally held on to their power. Solzhenitsyn[1] said in the mid-1970’s that the salamander, by which he means the prison-camp network, is still alive.  In The Gulag Archipelago (Vol. II, 1975) he […]

Living Contentedly for Christ

Living Contentedly for Christ: Stewardship LHC: Message Forty-One (050703PM) LHC-53  Week 41: Living Contentedly for Christ (Stewardship—Matthew 11:28–30) As the end of days approaches, you can find hope as you learn to live contentedly for Christ! SUNDAY: A Lifelong Refuge for the Weary “I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content: I […]

Discipline Four – Stewardship – Living Totally for Jesus

DYG-09 & WFL-04 030126AM Discipline Four—Stewardship:  Living Totally for Jesus  DYG: Message Nine This week I was driving my family across central Florida. The terrain of that area is pretty monotonous for a couple of hours between the coasts. As we topped one hill something new confronted all the pairs of eyes watching out the […]

Jesus, Money, Stewardship, Rewards, and Eternity: What is God’s Desire for Us Laodicean Age Believers?

For the past six weeks we have looked at how Christ’s words about the dangers of living for the temporal treasures of materialism stayed with Peter to the end of his life, even to the point of his last chapter of life, 2 Peter 3. We saw these as:

Peter’s Lessons on: the End of the World, Materialism, Contentment & the Un-Cluttered Life

But, the lessons of Peter’s last chapter are dwarfed by the even more clear and direct words of Christ’s last letter.