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Blessings Of Afflictions 7

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WFL-31 031012AM DOAGL-31 Psalm 119-12 Afflictions-7 The Disciplines of a Godly Life: Meditation Psalm 119: Part 12 The Blessing of Affliction – Testing the Promises of God Few things in life hurt as much as problems with those who are close to us in life. Most people invest most heavily in their family and friends; […]

Blessings Of Afflictions 6

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WFL-30 030928AM Today we are looking at the 6th blessing that affliction can be in our lives. Open with me to Psalm 119.107: I am afflicted very much; Revive me, O Lord, according to Your word. The 6th blessing of Affliction is: AFFLICTION FORCES US TO TEST HIS PROMISES: Psalm 119:107 I am afflicted (6031 […]

GOD SENDS DISASTERS FOR A PURPOSE–The Reason God Allows For Evil, Suffering, & All Other Bad Things

2020REV-12a Why Does God Send The Tribulation 200422PM Short Clip The rider on the pale horse begins his deadly ride at some point during the Tribulation, and before his ride is over, a quarter of the population of mankind will be dead from either war, famine, or the beasts of the earth. The word “beasts” […]

The Church at Smyrna: How to Serve Christ Through Affliction

As we open to Revelation 2:8-11 we are opening to the second of Christ’s seven personal letters to individual churches of the late First Century. We looked at them as a group, but now we are taking a look at each individual church.

As we read these words, the historical context is that the Church at Smyrna was going through the second wave of persecutions that the Early Church had to endure.

A Short History of Early Church Persecution

Someone told me this week they could save the first half hour of my messages by just “Google-ing” what I talk about, and implied they wanted me to just stick to reading the text of the Scripture. But for the rest of you that are willing, if you will bear with me, I’d like to give you a sanctified mind’s analysis of Church History: something that they could never get on Google.

Laodicea – Seven Bad Habits of Believers that Sicken Christ and Make Him Vomit

Perhaps the most unlikely words to be uttered by the Lord Jesus Christ are in our Bibles this morning. Jesus says in modern terms of the church in Laodicea, “You make me sick!”

As we open to Revelation 3:14-22, Jesus writes a letter that all scholars conclude is the most piercing, stinging and scathing letter He ever wrote to any church. That means:

Laodicea is the Worst Church

Christ’s Question to Us – Do You See Yourself in the Picture of the Seven Churches

This morning we are looking back at where we’ve been. Much like getting home from a trip and spending time looking at the pictures that you took while traveling.

We have invested the past year, looking at the only part of God’s Word dictated by Christ, for the express purpose of: being sent to His Church, being read by His Church, and being obeyed by His Church.

There is no part of the Bible so clear, so personal, and so direct: as these three chapters. What exactly did we find in Revelation? We found that:

Christ Actually
Posted a Picture

A Refuge for the Unexpected Changes of Life

/ Christ Our Refuge

Unexpected Changes of Life COR-10 050807AM A Refuge for the Unexpected Changes of Life Christ is our refuge; Christ is my refuge–that is what we each need to learn. And to learn that wonderful truth we are in the midst of a six stop tour of Christ’s promises. Christ our refuge is the safest spot […]