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Today’s Battle – Secrets From Genesis 3 To Thwart Satan’s Lies From Ensnaring You

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Thwart Satan’s Lies 160110AM FTGC-03d Tempted & Fallen: The Crash Site of Humanity This is the crash site. This is where all pain, sorrow, rebellion, disaster, disease, war, murder, theft, terrorism, hatred, injustice, and death started. As we sift through these verses and piece together the remains of the fall we can see just what […]


Short Clips BYT-42 090315AM Christ’s first Epistle in Revelation explains how to Learn to Live a Holy & Sanctified Life in the midst of an Evil World.   In the midst of all this debauchery, Jesus Christ had planted a church at Ephesus, one that was well-pleasing to God; and the Ephesian believers were honored […]

Challenge #6: Beware of Self-Induced Spiritual Blindness

One of the greatest works of God in salvation was opening our blind eyes to see. 

Protecting spiritual sight is the final of the three elements we are to deliberately pursue, according to Christ’s Last Words. Jesus counsels His Church in life-long, spiritual vision-care, promoting healthy eyes.

Christ Desires Us
To See Clearly

Please open with me to Rev. 3, and listen again to Jesus,  telling the church at Laodicea what they needed to have lives that pleased Him. Please give attention to the public reading of Scripture.

Christ’s Question to Us – Do You See Yourself in the Picture of the Seven Churches

This morning we are looking back at where we’ve been. Much like getting home from a trip and spending time looking at the pictures that you took while traveling.

We have invested the past year, looking at the only part of God’s Word dictated by Christ, for the express purpose of: being sent to His Church, being read by His Church, and being obeyed by His Church.

There is no part of the Bible so clear, so personal, and so direct: as these three chapters. What exactly did we find in Revelation? We found that:

Christ Actually
Posted a Picture

Flee the Lust of the Eyes – Remember Lot

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Flee the Lust of the Eyes 051113AM COR-26 Flee the Lust of the Eyes – Remember Lot Our final stop in our journey through the Scriptures finding Christ as our Refuge may be the most vital one of all. We have seen over the past few weeks that Christ is our refuge. 1. He is […]

Learning to Flee the Lusts of the Eyes

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Learning to Flee the Lusts of the Eyes 051113PM COR-27 Learning to Flee the Lusts of the Eyes This morning I began to exhort you from God’s Word to flee the lust of the eyes. We saw that the lust of the eyes is the struggle Lot seemed to have. Think about what happened to […]

Flee the Lust of the Flesh – Remember Samson

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Flee the Lust of the Flesh – Samson 051120PM COR-29 Flee the Lust of the Flesh – Remember Samson Our God is jealous and He is Holy. The sins He hated in the Old Testament, He hates in the New Testament. What would offend someone who loved us so much that He wants us to […]

How to overcome Temptations

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  Overcome Temptations ACL-16 970928AM How to overcome Temptations James 1:13 The book of James was a letter written 19 ½ centuries ago. It was from the heart of a pastor who knew his flock well. Pastor James knew the weaknesses we all face and explained how to turn them into opportunities for faithfulness. With […]