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The Temptation of Jesus

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000319PM NR1-16 Mark-8 THE TEMPTATION OF CHRIST MARK 1:12-13 “RESISTING SATAN’S ATTACKS” The 3rd great event in the earthly life of Christ was His Temptation. This event is perhaps one of the most vital as we seek to love and follow Jesus all our days. Why? Jesus met and defeated Satan as a man. And […]

Resisting the Attacks of Satan

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GNB-14 070415AM Jesus was sinless and never sinned, we are not.   Jesus was tempted and resisted sin; we do not.   We are tempted and sin because we have sin dwelling within us.   Sin Still Dwells in Us   Paul testified to that in his greatest doctrinal epistle, Romans 7:20. Paul affirms, that […]

Flee the Lust of the Flesh – Remember Samson

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051120PM COR-29 FLEE LUST OF FLESH–REMEMBER SAMSON .DOC CHRIST OUR REFUGE: FLEE THE LUSTS OF THE FLESH –REMEMBER SAMSON Our God is jealous and He is Holy. The sins He hated in the Old Testament, He hates in the New Testament. What would offend someone who loved us so much that He wants us to […]

Learning to Flee the Lusts of the Eyes

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051113PM COR-27 LEARNING TO FLEE THE LUST OF THE EYES .DOC Christ the Refuge for the Tempted Learning to Flee the Lust of the Eyes This morning I began to exhort you from God’s Word to flee the lust of the eyes. We saw that the lust of the eyes is the struggle Lot seemed […]

Flee the Lust of the Eyes – Remember Lot

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051113AM COR-26 Flee Lust of Eyes–Remember Lot.doc Christ our Refuge: For the Tempted—Flee Lust This message is available for free as part of the COR-Christ our Refuge Series as an MP3, text file or an entire series download at: Our final stop in our journey through the Scriptures finding Christ as our Refuge may […]

Flee Lust

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ACL-18 971026am FLEE FROM LUST WHEN TEMPTED JAMES 1:13-16 LUST: THE GIANT THAT SLEW DAVID Did you know that one of the greatest events in history has an equally tragic sequel? First there was David and Goliath, when David kills Goliath in one of the greatest moments in history. But there is a horrible sequel, […]

Look for God When Tempted

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ACL-17 971019am Looking for God When Tempted James 1:13-15 The LA Olympics of 1984 were incredible. Los Angeles was over run with the world. Everywhere could be heard the languages of every corner of the globe. In the midst of all the excitement was the Torch. Looking for the Torch was a real passion for […]


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ACL-16 970928am How to overcome Temptations James 1:13 The book of James was a letter written 19 ½ centuries ago. It was from the heart of a pastor who knew his flock well. Pastor James knew the weaknesses we all face and explained how to turn them into opportunities for faithfulness. With the breath of […]

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