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The Lost World

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GEN-13 991219AM Good morning and welcome to the part of God’s Word I like to call the Lost World. This is a mysterious part of human history involving upwards of perhaps a billion people who lived before the Flood. What was the Antediluvian World like? Why did God destroy it? Who lived and served God […]

Avoiding Satan’s Attacks

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GEN-11 991212AM Lost and helpless We as humans are so lost, we are unable to find our way back to God unless God Himself aids us! What a terrible state. How did we end up so lost? In Genesis 3 we find that is what began a t the moment of the Fall to Adam […]

Doubting God

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GEN-10 991205AM When Adam and Eve chose to DOUBT GOD they started a tidal wave of sin that flood our lives to this day. This morning this is our 4th visit in our Paradise Lost Series, and each of us present in this room is fallen. Listen to the tragic results of the Fall of […]

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