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Demon Intrusion – Why God Flooded the Earth

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GEN-34 Demon Intrusion-Why God Flooded 960728AM Genesis 6 Satan the Adversary has tried to mess up God’s plan over and over. There are at least 7 times He tried to do so. 1. He tempted and led to sin Adam & Eve in Genesis 3. But God promised a seed. A deliverer who would redeem […]

The Flood – The Longest Week in History

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GEN-33 The Flood-The Longest Week in History 960721AM  Perhaps the greatest word in the Bible as far as we who are saved are concerned is the word GRACE. God introduces us to grace with an astoundingly vivid backdrop. You see the Lord has planned to pour out His wrath against sin two times on earth. […]

The Flood – Beware of Scoffers

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GEN-32 The Flood -Beware of Scoffers 960714PM Fossils speak of death, and death speaks of sin and judgment, not of creation and development. When correctly interpreted, whether theologically or scientifically, this world- wide witness in the very earth itself testifies of a sovereign Creator who controls and judges His creation. Rather than evolutionary progress over […]

The Flood – A Silent Witness

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GEN-31 The Flood: A Silent Witness 960714AM As an 11 year old Jr. High student I sat at the feet of Dr. John Whitcomb as he said: • We have been living in an age of deep skepticism. A century of evolutionary philosophy, with its seeds of naturalism and atheism, has yielded the bitter fruits […]

God Remembers

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GEN-26 God Remembers  000423PM Genesis 8  Just about 5,000 years ago, God says He destroyed the Earth’s entire human population. All but eight humans were killed in the flood. No one could escape the Flood because God caused the earth’s crust to break up at the start of the Flood. Huge eruptions under the oceans […]

The Brave New World

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GEN-25 The Brave New World  000416PM Genesis 8  Under our feet tonight lays the result of Noah’s Flood. Sometimes more than a mile deep is a sedimentary layer cake that shows the global extent of the destruction of the Lost World by the Flood. All that remains of the World that Perished in the Genesis […]

No Event More Catastrophic

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GEN-24 000326AM Above the softness of our blue green planet there are hostile forces poised. They range across space lurking and flying about at their master’s bidding. They are former angels. They are Satan the Dragon’s army. They are deadly, vile, malignant, and very intelligent. In fact, their very name, that word demon in Greek […]

No Escape from God’s Wrath

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GEN-23 000319AM Last week we saw the incredible security of being in God’s Ark of Safety. This week we see the other side, the outside of that Ark. The same Hand that shut the door securely protected the eight inside. Is the same Hand that sealed the doom of all those outside. God rescued eight, […]

No Testimony More Vivid than the Ark

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GEN-22 No Testimony More Vivid Than the Ark_ 000312AM THE WORLD THAT PERISHED-3 GENESIS 7:1-22 “THE ARK OF SAFETY: IT IS CHRIST!” Are you absolutely sure that you are headed to Heaven when you die? Is it presumptuous to think that you can know for certain that you are saved securely forever? I think not. […]

No Man like Noah

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GEN-21 000305AM Noah was the only dad on earth who saved his family from drowning in the great flood. He was unique. We are all unique. God created Adam and Eve in such a way that it would be impossible to ever have two descendants exactly alike. When God breathed a soul into Adam He […]

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