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The Tongue – Part 1

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ACL-38 900722AM THE TONGUE JAMES 3 Our tongue is an intriguing study of great contrasts. Think of that object resting in your mouth just now. To the Doctor it is a two ounce slab of mucous membrane containing a world of inter-related muscles and nerves. That is the interesting tongue. To our Body it is […]

The Tongue – Part 2

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ACL-39 900722PM Tongue-2 THE TONGUE PART 2 JAMES 3   Our Bible says a lot about all the wrong ways we can use our tongues. This list sums up the major ways God says – “Don’t use your tongues for”: wickedness, deceit, lying, perverseness, filthiness, corruption, bitterness, anger, craftiness, flattery, slander, backbiting, gossip, blaspheming, foolishness, […]