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Are You Laying Treasures in Heaven?

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WFL-06 030209AM Genesis honors Abel for GIVING the offering that pleased the Lord; Enoch for GIVING God his walk; Abraham for GIVING God his faith; Joseph for GIVING God his life with its hurts and fears. Exodus records that only the families GIVING the Lord what He desired were saved on Passover. Leviticus portrays crowds […]

Materialism Blinds Our Eyes with Earthly Treasures: Look Up

As we open to 2 Peter 3:14-17, we are coming to Peter’s fourth element in how to build an uncluttered, focused life that survives the fires of  Revelation 6-19’s Return of the King.

Peter most clearly explains the Day of the Lord’s Second Coming as King, and we need to frame our understanding of Revelation 6-19 through the other Scriptures God has already given to us.