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The Majesty of Jesus

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REV-01 980405AM Are You Aware You’re Holding a Treasure? Have you ever grasped what a treasure you hold in your hands this morning?  Even more, the incredible treasure that is housed in those final pages of your Bible? Tucked in at the end of the book is the answer to anything you may be facing […]

Materialism Blinds Our Eyes with Earthly Treasures: Look Up

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As we open to 2 Peter 3:14-17, we are coming to Peter’s fourth element in how to build an uncluttered, focused life that survives the fires of  Revelation 6-19’s Return of the King.

Peter most clearly explains the Day of the Lord’s Second Coming as King, and we need to frame our understanding of Revelation 6-19 through the other Scriptures God has already given to us.

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