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ROK-21 130804AM When God Removes His Restraint Humanity Destroys Itself (Revelation 6:1-11) One of God’s attributes is His wrath. Last time we saw His future, ultimate, smoldering wrath as He returns to judge the world. That is His cataclysmic wrath as He pours out His fiery indignation. There is another element of God’s wrath and […]

Tribulation Evangelism

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ZNA-284 920517PM REVELATION 7 Commando for Christ I. Next proper event – rapture I Thess. 4 disappear A. Rev. 6 tribulation – darkness B. Flashback = Christ’s story fill in pieces event from past to fill in details II. Sealed, Commandoes v. 1-8 A. Protection – no harm B. Possession – which tribe C. Perfection […]

Symyra – Suffering Tribulations

NR2-19    WTB-46 030330PM STONES-12 SMYRNA-1 THE STONES OF GOD’S WITNESS: SMYRNA– LESSONS IN LIVING AT THE END OF DAYS SUFFERING THROUGH MANY TRIBULATIONS A TRUE TEST “A person1 who claims to be a Christian and who does not give up his faith in the midst of trials and difficulties is a true Christian. His […]

A Tribulation Survival Guide

050206AM The End Of The World-5 Prophetic-07 NR4-20   WNS-07 Tribulation Survival Guide Jesus Explains The End of the World Luke 21:7-36 For centuries, skeptics who deny God’s Word is reliable and inspired—have pointed to one entire chapter of the Bible that describes an event that has never happened. That event is the prophesied end of […]

The Seven Year Tribulation

130623PM Q&A-39 Tribulation.docx The Tribulation Q&A on The Seven Year Tribulation: Who Goes Through it & Why? Who Can be Saved During the Tribulation & How? What Lessons can Believers Today get from the Tribulation Coming? The Seven Year Tribulation: Who Goes Through it & Why? Israel because it is the time of Jacob’s troubles. […]

Getting Ready To Suffer

We can see on the horizon this evening, the world Jesus described as Earth at the End of Days. 

As we open to Luke 21, remember, Christ’s sermon called the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21) was His description of what the world would be like during the Tribulation’s horrors. But He framed His horrific description of the End of Days by these incredible words in one of these three parallel accounts, the one recorded in Luke 21:28: 

“When you see these things (listen) BEGIN to happen, look up…”.