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Dedication-Holy Spirit

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ZNA-317 910908PM Our family obligation to our shared worship I Thessalonians 5:19-22 Part Four “Quench” – Portrays Holy Spirit as fire Isaiah 4:4 Acts 2:3 Rev. 4:5 Think: Fire portrays: Purity, power, light, warmth & destruction. When Holy Spirit working ina persons heart and church He is- 5) Warmth of Love in hearts – Rom. […]

Beholding the Lamb

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ZNA-307 920216pm WORSHIPPING THE LAMB REV. 5 There is a place of eternal calm, unleasing tranquility, perfect peace, endless day… That place is the center of the universe, the throne of God… To that location John transports us from Patmos’ salt mines to heavens highest point… Rev. 4-5 are a calm between two storms Rev. […]

Worship that God Hates

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ZNA-287 920510AM Worship God Hates Mark 11:15-18 Please join me this morning in a sparkling marble edifice. The Temple and courtyard in Jerusalem. • 1 million square feet of it (that’s 15 football fields or four city blocks). • a 20′ high wall surrounding • there’s a giant of gold in the rising sun, but […]

Concert of Worship – Our Omniscient God


ZNA-196 931212PM A CONCERT OF WORSHIP ON THE ATTRIBUTE OF: OUR OMNIPRESENT GOD DECEMBER 12, 1993 6 P.M. HOW CAN GOD’S OMNIPRESENCE IMPACT OUR LIVES? Over forty years ago a Pastor in Chicago had a heart for his congregation’s need to get closer to God. He wrote what has now become a classic. It can […]

Concert of Worship – Our Omnipotent God Pt 3


ZNA-191 940102PM A CONCERT OF WORSHIP OUR OMNIPOTENT GOD 1/2/94 PM One of the prevailing truths of the Holy Scriptures is the ALL POWERFUL nature of our God. There are two basic areas of the Universe that the Omnipotence of our God shows up: THE REALM OF NATURE AND THE REALM OF MAN. From the […]

Intimacy in Worship

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TAB-05 991226PM The heartbeat of God’s Word is worship. The driving message of God’s Word is worship. The only thing God seeks is worship. The purpose of salvation is worshiping the God of Heaven. The Scriptures open in Genesis with God walking and talking with His Worshippers. The next book Exodus contains elaborate plans for a tent whose […]