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Understanding The Real Aliens Of Lucifer’s Rebellion – Satan’s Demons & The Cosmic War Raging Today

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Tomorrow morning when you wake up, aliens are lurking around ready to attack. Our demonic enemies—more lethal than any terrorist, or murderer, or hardened criminal, will be waiting for you. With a flaming arrow ready he will watch for the exact moment to shoot that fiery missile into your mind. Are you ready to deflect that missile? Or will you have another horrible, defeated, empty, restless, discouraging, sad day of defeat?

The attacks on humans are led by the Serpent Dragon named the Devil & Satan. He is a person with a single focus as the Adversary of God. He was formerly Lucifer the most brilliant and powerful of all God’s created angels. Now as Satan, he leads the hosts of darkness in their relentless attacks. The war is real, the enemy is deadly and focused, and the damage among believers is widespread.

The Devil named Satan continually bombards God’s child¬ren with the flaming arrows of immorality, hatred, anger, covetousness, pride, doubt, fear, despair, distrust, and other temptations.

Every temptation, either directly or indirectly, tries to get us to doubt or distrust God. The purpose of Satan’s missiles is to cause believers to forsake their trust in God, to drive a wedge between the Savior and the saved. Put up the shield of faith and that won’t happen to you.

Are any of us just going through the motions, no longer passionate for Jesus like we used to be?
Are any of us starting to fear how bad the world is getting?
Are any of us getting comfortable around sin, and no longer forsaking personal sins?
Are any of us acting and operating like lost people, and because we’re so distracted, we’ve stopped even seeing Christ in His Word each day?

Beware of: coasting, just going through the motions, not passionate for Jesus like we used to be; starting to fear our future, our health, our safety; getting comfortable around sin, amusing and entertaining ourselves with sin, and not fleeing sin; getting truth-challenged; acting & operating like lost people; so distracted that time with God in His Word is gone from our daily vitals.