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Unleashing Strangest, Simplest, Most Well-Known Gospel Message – Jesus, Nicodemus & John 3

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As an added resource on our 52 Greatest Chapter Study this week, here is a special lesson on Jesus explaining the Gospel to Nicodemus.
One of the best-known verses in the Bible is framed by one of the strangest scenes in the Bible. What are we learning this morning? John 3:16 and the story of Nicodemus.
What is the setting? Snakes, Sinners and the Savior. Jesus uses a strange scene, snakes attacking and killing people as the backdrop for John 3:16 and the God who so loved that He gave. Wow-what a lesson, what a passage, and what a joy to learn from Jesus the Message of Salvation this morning!
Welcome to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
We are learning in these weeks of Bible Study The Master’s Message In John. We are watching Jesus through the eyes and ears of the Apostle John. What is the Gospel? Christ Jesus answers through the book He prompted John to write as the Apostle captures numerous powerful scenes where our Lord Jesus Christ explains the truth about salvation. We have already seen Jesus describing believers as those who:
Possess Jesus Christ; understand salvation is only by substitution; have been overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit; hang on to Christ alone, and finally — get to start life over again –only this time brand new and in the right way
Turn to that truth with me. It is the best-known verse in God’s Word John 3:16. As we stand follow along as I read John 3:14-16.
Jesus is in an evening visit by a seeking Bible Teacher named Nicodemus. The Nicodemus of the New Testament may have been the Nicodemus known in secular history as Nicodemus ben Gurion. If so, he was the 3rd richest man of early 1st Century Israel. His brother was Josephus ben Gurion, as in the world-famous historian we read today called Josephus.
This may explain why Jesus refers to being “born of water”. This may point to John’s Baptism of humble repentance. Nicodemus may have been in that delegation sent to query John at the Jordan River. If so that explains why Jesus dealt so directly with him in John 3. But in our text in the midst of Christ’s talk with Nicodemus, in the midst of His explanation of the New Birth, being Born Again, He says you need another birth, you need to become a baby again.
That is a very striking to think about. Why? Because, a baby has no past, just a future!
Our passage reveals Christ’s present mission.
The Son came down (3:13)
To be lifted up (3:14)
In order for man to enter in (3:15)
And get out of perishing and into everlasting life (3:16)
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