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Only Jesus Can Open:
God’s Wealth,
God’s Presence
& God’s Power
Truth 3: He Who Holds the Key Here’s where we really go back. “The Holy, and True, One” is all over Scripture, Old and New Testaments, but Jesus’ next title is distinctly Old Testament.
Jesus introduces Himself as “He who has the key of David.”
In Revelation 22:16, He calls Himself the root and offspring of David.
In Revelation 5:5, He says He is the root of David. What is that?
If you read carefully the 141 God-inspired chapters devoted to David in the Old Testament, you will see he consistently symbolizes the Person and the office of the Messiah.
God made a promise to David that the Messiah would come through him.
So when Jesus is called the Son of David, the root of David, the offspring of David, and here He holds the key of David, it all goes back to Him as the Messiah.
Messiah, or meshiac in Hebrew, was prophesied to be the embodiment and fulfillment of every promise God ever made.
Every promise, kept, in the Person and office of the Messiah.
So when Jesus says He’s holding the key of He’s reminding them that He is the Messiah, the promise-keeper, and the Promise kept.
That’s the key Jesus says He holds, the key that opens the treasuries of the King, that grants access to the presence of the King, and that displays the King’s power.
1. Shebna could only dispense the king’s wealth in one place at one time, to one group of people at a time. But when Jesus says He holds the key to God’s wealth, He can distribute it anywhere anytime, to all people at the same time. And God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. His wealth never runs out.
2. Shebna could only allow a few people at a time into the presence of the king and the king had only so much time. But when Jesus died on the cross, He opened access into the presence of God for everyone who believes, and when He tells the Philadelphians they will be pillars in the temple of God, He says they’ll never have to leave. The everlasting presence of God is opened by that key.
3. Shebna had the power of the great king of Judah, but Jesus holds the power of almighty God. He is the final word. And when He opens a door to God’s power, no one can shut it.
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