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Unlocking The Scriptures

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The KEY to UNLOCK the BIBLE! We have come to the next class in a series of Bible lessons taught here in Asia to the NextGeneration of God’s servants. Missionaries preparing to go into the places where Christ is not known and make Him known. We are looking today at the KEY that UNLOCKS all of the Bible. Have you ever wanted to make sense of the Bible? Jesus Christ the Perfect King is the context of every chapter and book. He is the One that all verses point towards. Context of Scripture
Each book of the Bible reveals some truths about our beautiful Lord Jesus. And, there is one that has as its theme and central purpose to unveil and reveal JESUS CHRIST THE LORD. To see the central theme of Christ in all the Scriptures look at these verses:
Revelation 19:10, John 5:39 and Luke 24:27.
Because the Bible is Divine and speaks of Christ in every book