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Getting Clothed for Christ’s Sake Daily


There’s only one portion of God’s Word, specifically written to the Church, by Jesus Christ: Rev. 2&3. Join me as we continue to systematically examine Christ’s challenges to this, the seventh and final of the churches.

If you had traveled to Laodicea, three things would have stood out to you in the First Century. These three unique features to this city, are the framework of Christ’s words we are examining today in Revelation 3:18. These could be called: Laodicea’s Three Key Industries.

First, you would have noticed gold in Laodicea.

Secondly, you would have noticed Laodicean people were wearing, and shops were selling, exquisite clothing made from a rich black wool.

Finally, you would have noticed the sprawling Laodicean campus of the famous medical school and hospital, that specialized in eye care.

Jesus Christ told the church at Laodicea that they needed to make three specific purchases from Him. As we read this passage we focus especially on the three items that Jesus specifically pointed out as vital to their spiritual lives.

Revelation 3:18