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God’s 12 Step Program for Every Man in Christ’s Church


If we gathered every young man in the church to give them the most important Biblical lessons they would ever get—what would those lessons be to prepare them for a life of blessing, spiritual influence, and show them the pathway to spiritual maturity?

These are the types of questions that Sunday School teachers, youth workers, and pastors often ponder.

The good news this morning is, that God already thought of those questions. He actually moved upon Paul the Apostle’s heart and poured out the Holy Spirit through Paul’s mind into a letter. God has a wonderful plan for Christ’s Church.

This morning we return to God’s written down, specific desires for every saved, born-again, redeemed man in Christ’s Church. Wherever you are on the age spectrum this is what God says should be the 12-part measuring stick that you use to know that you are building a life according to God’s plans.

Titus 2:2, 6-8