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Laodicea: Listening to Jesus The Amen of God


Jesus came on an unannounced visit to a church in central Asia Minor, two thousand years ago, and then wrote back a startling letter to them about their deteriorating spiritual health. They really should have listened to Him.

In that letter Jesus Christ starts with His credentials. The opening words introducing Christ in Revelation 3:14 are like getting an official, hand-delivered letter: with medical diagnosis from the leading doctors of the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, or another a world-renowned group doctors.

The medical advice of someone at work or school is nice and possibly helpful.

The medical advice of a trusted family member is nicer and even more helpful.

But the medical advice, diagnosis, and prognosis from a trained, skilled, qualified, and almost universally trusted medical expert, renowned in their field: is almost beyond foolishness to resist, and dismiss lightly.

Revelation 3:14-22