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Life of David: Making My Seeking of God Personal Like David Did


David was a man who loved the Lord, and the Lord loved him. God named His own Son, “the Son of David” (Mat. 1:1), that in itself, is amazing. The Son of God called the “son of” an angry man, the son of a murderer, the son of a liar, the son of an adulterer, […]

A compromising believer chastened


All of us in Christ’s Church are called from darkness to light at salvation; and we are saved from the power of Satan; and we are being transformed into saints of God. That process in called consecration. Last week as we looked at the Church at Thyatira (Revelation 2:18-29), we saw that their consecrated lives […]

Life of David: Embracing God By Declaring Our Love for the Lord


As we open to Psalm 18, we are entering the last days of David. No one else in Scripture has more space devoted to their life other than the Lord Himself. David is God’s object lesson to each of us on: how hard life can be, how much we can struggle, how greatly we can […]

Christ’s Last Words to His Church Series: Why Jesus Chastens His Church


Most of us here today hold the most powerful device in the world; it is more jam packed with unbelievable features than the one-day-coming iPhone 5. It has the most ultimate guidance, communication, and efficiency apps ever possible to obtain, and it is called God’s Word. God speaks through His Word, and we have His […]