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The Life of David: David’s Roadmap: The Pathway Back to God


David fell so far, so fast, and he didn’t even realize it until the dullness of his soul spread to every inch of his spiritual life. Soon his cold and lonely heart was combined with his tormented soul and trapped in a painfully chastened body. And he stayed at the bottom like that for almost […]

Reverence: Staying Focused on God in a World of Distractions


This morning as we open to Titus 2:7, we return to the 21st Century Men of Grace Series we have been studying this past year. As you turn back to that little New Testament epistle of Titus, here is a quick overview and back ground to this passage: Titus was a companion in ministry of […]

The Life of David: How Does God Remove Our Sin


The first observation a student studying God’s Word would make in Psalm 32 is that: David is so thankful for his sin being forgiven, that he uses four different Hebrew words to describe the depths God had to go to accomplish his forgiveness in just the first two verses. But that same careful student of […]

The Life of David: The Deadening Effects of Intentional Sin


All that really matters in life may be reduced to one simple reality–what does God think of what I am doing or have done. Our lives can be focused by one simple truth: am I pleasing or displeasing God? All that mattered at that moment and for eternity—Is what God thought of what David had […]

Believing Right so that you Behave Right


As we return to Titus 2:7 we are looking at Paul explaining to Titus, how vitally Biblical Doctrine shapes the integrity of a believer’s life. Paul admonishes Titus to live a life of integrity that has the moral purity which lines up in secret, with the pure doctrine that he proclaimed in public. This is […]

The Life of David: The Deadly Results of Rationalizing Sin


Jesus said that when we are faithful in little things it shows that we will be worthy of great things. Look at Luke 16:10: He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much. David was amazing at […]

Following Christ in a Christless world


Salvation is so personal: we are His sheep; we can hear His voice; and—the way we know we are His comes from following His voice. Think of a shepherd who speaks, and of sheep that turn their heads, listen, and then start walking towards him. That is true Christianity! Following Christ’s voice in His Word […]

The Life of David: The Lust of Sin & David’s Worst Moment


As we open to II Samuel 11, David has finally made it to the top. Giants are killed, enemies are dead, life on the run is over, and normal life has finally started for David. As we will see, it is precisely when things are going “great” that we face some of the most lethal […]

Choosing Restrained Living in an Un-Restrained Culture


Today, God asks for every man in Christ’s Church to make daily choices to regain and maintain a sober-minded restrained life, surrendered to God’s gracious sanctifying power. Open in your Bibles with me to Titus 2:6: Likewise, exhort the young men to be sober-minded (NKJV) The Greek word God inspires Paul to write is a […]