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Philadelphia: How to Build a Quake-Proof Life


The Philadelphian’s example as faithful, obedient, serving, and worshipping saints is so powerful. They were not perfect, just forgiven. They were not superior in any way, just responsive to God’s desires for them individually and as a church.

Each of these seven letters is a model, example, and symbol of the types of churches and believers that will exist, side-by-side, throughout all the generations of Christ’s Church: from Pentecost to the Rapture.

In a world that is so needy Christ has left His Church as a light; but some are distracted like Ephesus; and some are deeply persecuted and barely holding on like Smyrna; and others are compromised like Pergamos; and others are harboring secret sins like Thyatira, or dead like Sardis. But one church is vibrant, alive, faithful, evangelizing, worshipping, and doing just what Jesus Christ left them to do. May we all ask the Lord to enable us to choose to live as they lived.

Revelation 3:7-13