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Pursuing Homemaking In a World Filled with Homelessness


The most amazing extinction event in American history has been the extinction of the nurturing home life of families. From both parents working, to sports becoming top priority, to the rise of the electronic devices: home has been reduced to a house where detached and often disassociated people now live under the same roof but unconnected.

Like marbles in a vase that look closely connected but when poured out they all go different directions.

To this era, as to all eras: God offers the Christian home, guarded, nurtured, and filled with love by a 21st Century Woman of Grace that God calls to be a homemaker.

Through each day of the past 20 centuries God has offered to every married woman the privilege of turning each moment she spends in her tent, apartment, or palace–into eternal crowns to cast at Christ’s feet.

Titus 2:5b