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Reverence: Staying Focused on God in a World of Distractions


This morning as we open to Titus 2:7, we return to the 21st Century Men of Grace Series we have been studying this past year.

As you turn back to that little New Testament epistle of Titus, here is a quick overview and back ground to this passage:

Titus was a companion in ministry of Paul, one of two special young pastors that had been mentored and sent out by the Apostle Paul.

The letters or Epistles that Paul wrote to Timothy (who was serving the Church at Ephesus) and Titus (who was a missionary church planter to the Island of Crete) are collectively called the Pastoral Epistles and describe the specifics of how local New testament churches were to be led and taught.

Titus 2:1-8 contains a curriculum for every church that has 24 qualities God desires to see in His children.

Twelve of those qualities are specifically directed at women of all ages, which we have already studied through, one-by-one. These are God’s desires for 21st Century Women of Grace.

The other twelve qualities are the desires God has for 21st Century Men of Grace.

We are in the 4th quality of the second half of that list of 12, which are pointed at all of the younger men, because:

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