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Three Lessons in How To Respond When Wronged By Others


As we open to 1 Samuel 25 we are opening to David getting the opportunity to apply all the wonderful truths he has been learning. Just like the lessons we hear in Sunday School class are wonderful, but seem so different when we are actually out on the street witnessing, or on a missions trip.

So David finds that when God is at work in us it is not theoretical, it is real-time, daily life that the Lord wants to change in us. So to deepen the truths David learned at En Gedi in 1 Samuel 24, and make them a part of the fabric of David’s life, the Lord allows David to get deeply wounded by Nabal in a business deal (1 Samuel 25); and for Saul to start hunting David again (1 Samuel 26).

First, David suffers the intense frustration when wronged in a business deal. David writes Psalms 14 first and then Psalm 53 later in life on—how to overcome the feelings of hurt when deeply wronged and wounded by someone in a business deal. In First Samuel 25, David faces the danger of bitterness toward Nabal “the fool”. When God delivers him, David writes Psalms 14 & 53. The key to these Psalms is the word fool which in Hebrew is Nabal (which opens this Psalm and is used 17 times in the account of 1 Samuel 25).
1 Samuel 25:1-44; Psalm 53