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WHAT DOES A GODLY MAN LOOK LIKE? God Gave the Pathway Of Usefulness For The Older Men Of The Church

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When Christ is free to work in us this is what we become
1. “sober”: This is a call for older, godly men to Maintain A Balanced Life In An Obsessive-Compulsive World; MAINTAINING A BALANCED LIFE IN AN OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE WORLD. God wants to mature, godly older men in Christ’s church to live a life that exemplifies Jesus to a watching world.
2. “reverent”: God also asks older men to Stay Serious About God In An Amused World; GETTING SERIOUS ABOUT GOD IN AN AMUSED WORLD. God wants older men who model what it’s like to live life seriously. This man thinks deeply in an amused, shallow-thinking culture. He is an older man in the faith who understands the brevity of life, the gravity of God’s Word, and the reality of eternity.
3. “temperate“: Then they are to be characterized by Living Wisely In A Foolish World; LIVING WISELY IN A FOOLISH WORLD. God wants older men whose lives are yielded to His control. God wants a man whose life speaks louder than his words; whose character is noticed and prompts other men to examine their own lives and seek to emulate his joy, his peace, and his walk in the Spirit—in evident and practical ways.
When Christ is free to work in us this is what we become
Then Paul gives the second trio of qualities…Sound in faith, in love, in patience.
4. “sound in the faith“: This means God wants them always Guarding A Healthy Mind In A Sick World; GUARDING A HEALTHY MIND IN A SICK WORLD. God wants older men with healthy minds. Sound is from the same word (hugiain) used in v.1 for Biblical doctrine, and refers to things that are healthy, proper, whole, and as they ought to be.
5. “ [sound in] love“: Means that God also wants His servants to Stay Tender Hearted In A Cruel World; STAYING TENDER HEARTED IN A CRUEL WORLD. God wants men who have His love overflowing within making them personally loving towards others, not bitter. These godly men grow more and more tender toward the views and the mistakes of those around them—instead of getting more and more inflexible and intolerant.
6. “[sound in] patience“: And finally, as we’ll see later today, God wants older men to Finish Hopefully In A Despairing World. FINISHING HOPEFULLY IN A DESPAIRING WORLD. God wants men who persevere through all the hard times life will always bring—and then model that triumphant hope Christ alone can bring.
Grace-energized men, living in a sin-energized world, are God’s plan.
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