There’re seven specific biblical reasons why I believe that Roman Catholicism is anti-biblical and also wrong.
The first is the mass.
The second is the role of Mary.
The third is the persistent usurpation or usurping of scriptures by tradition. In other words, if you put the tradition of the church in scripture in a box and shake it up and let it out, tradition will always come out on top, over the scripture; which, by the way, all of these are not merely Roman problems. In this church, we’re often afflicted with tradition over the Bible. The Roman church has been around for about 1600 years, so they’ve had a lot longer to build their traditions.
The fourth reason is the veneration or worship of images.
The fifth reason is the falseness of the sacraments.
The sixth reason is the lie of purgatory, and I couldn’t think of any more polite way of saying that.
And the last reason, which I think most of you will find the most fascinating (and it’s always been a fascination to me), the tie of Paganism to the Roman Catholic Church. I’ll just kind of explain that one to you before I begin tonight.
The Roman Catholic Church is an amalgam. It’s a syncretion. It’s a blending together of nearly all the major elements of the world religions. That’s why today the bishop of Rome, John Paul II, is having interfaith dialogues with every type of religion on this planet. Everything. There’s nothing left out. He’s having interfaith dialogues with them all because they’re finding that they all have something in common, and we’re going to see that as we go through Revelation.
But, before I start my list of reasons, I want to assure you that I know and love some dear, born-again Roman Catholics. Now even to say that is a difficult thing because it’s like saying a Communist American. It’s like those things don’t go together. Like America’s free and Communism isn’t and it’s like saying an imprisoned, free person. It just wouldn’t go together and to say born-again Roman Catholic is like mixing two terms because Romanism is almost paradoxical to the new birth. I’ll explain that to you.
But I do know and count among good friends born-again Roman Catholics. In fact, some of my closest spiritual advisers, people that I look to understand the Bible were, let me emphasize the underlined were ordained Roman Catholic priests. They went through all of the interesting, different movements and I didn’t think, I didn’t want to tell you anything that might sound mocking, but if you just read what happens in a mass, it would just boggle your mind. All of the superstitious, turning here, turning there, doing this, doing that, crossing five times four with seven times backward, turning the back, lifting the host, doing this, all these things, it’s a ritual that they have to follow. And it’s a superstitious one.
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