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When God Writes Your Epitaph

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Where’s YOUR LIFE headed today? Most lives are remembered as two dates and a dash. What do you want on your tombstone from God’s perspective? That is just what I just finished asking a room full of twenty-year-old Asians preparing to reach Asians. They don’t think of how short life is very often. We all should. One of the most fascinating branches of history is the study of tomb inscriptions. Most famous among these are the Pharaohs and their pyramids and their gilded remains among intricate inscriptions hidden away among the rock-hewn tombs in the Valley of the Kings.
What would you like to have written on your tombstone? When people remember your life and mine—what would we like for them to remember? What’s really interesting is, God wrote many epitaphs, memories of what the life that was lived was all about. Hebrews 11 is a chapter filled with monuments to lives lived for God that pleased Him.
ep·i·taph [noun] Definitions: 1. inscription on a tombstone: an inscription on a tombstone or monument commemorating the person buried there; 2. speech or writing commemorating a dead person: a short speech or piece of writing celebrating the life of a recently deceased person.
If God sent down an order to write out an inscription to the monument company—what would He send? God’s epitaph for David is written down in Acts 13. I invite you to the marker that captures an entire life lived on planet earth. And in 9 words God sums up what a servant is all about. This is what I like to call David’s Epitaph!