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Who is He?

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MARK 12:35-40


Our text this morning records the last time Jesus Christ taught in public. The central theme of Christ’s lesson was “Who am I — really”. So, I ask you this morning, “Who is He?”

I. First, notice the context. Chapter 12 shows Jesus Christ A. Facing their tricks 1. In v. 13-17 political trap a) taxes or not b) holds up coin. Give to God what is His — yourself. c) Forget money, you belong to God! 2. In v. 18-27 theological trap a) who is wife b) affirms eternal life 3. In v. 28-34 religious trap a) they had 613 commands – which #1 b) immortal fusion love God/man, priority church II. Secondly, we see in context, Ch. 12 Exposing their errors. The religious leaders of Christ’s day had four glaring problems — these same problems linger to this day: selfishness, hypocrisy, ignorance, shallowness. A. Let’s note them. First Jesus exposed them. In v. 1-12 Jesus Christ told a story of greedy selfishness and selfish farmers. They were the evil men (v. 12) of parable. Who is first in your life? What is the driving force in your career? Self-advancement? Prestige? Comfort? Power? Security?…. or being the clearest protrait of Christ in your school, company, field. B. Secondly, Jesus exposed hypocrisy. In v. 13-17 They were using Caesar’s money so they were acknowledging his authority. Hypocrites! The real problem was that they refused His lordship. How about it? Do you sing loudly, smile brightly and hide your deepest truth that Jesus Christ is not Lord of your life? Are you resisting Him today?

C. The third area Jesus Christ exposed was their IGNORANCE. In v. 18-27 They were quite ignorant of both the: Word of God, and God’s power. 1. Matthew 4 man not live by bread alone 2. First Peter 2:2 as newborns hunger 3. They never read from a heart open and willing to be taught. Do you? a) “Lord, Speak to Me” #510 b) “Open My Eyes…” #119 D. In v. 28-40 Finally, Jesus Christ exposed their SHALLOWNESS. 1. They counted 613 commands 2. They classified them as positive 248 and negative 365.

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3. But when the living word, the exact representatiion of the invisible God, they missed both Him and His answer. 4. Are you seeing Christ — in His word in your life? III. So in context Jesus Christ said I am the one that: 1. can answer all your questions, no matter how hard, no matter how tricky. 2. He said I am the one who can see right into your heart, into your soul, and I can pinpoint the problem. 3. This morning He asks, who am I to each of you this day: 4. Is He the answer to your question? 5. Is His word the source of truth to you? 6. Are you selfish? 7. Are you hypocritical? 8. Are you ignorant of His word and power? 9. Are you shallow – no growth or depth. B. He is Jesus Christ the Lord. He can help you if you come to Him! C. “Jesus I Come”

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