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Who Is The Most Influential Woman In The Bible?

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BE A WOMEN of GREATNESS! More than half of all God’s servants in the world are WOMEN. There are more LADIES of all ages who serve in the CHURCH, who serve in MISSIONS, who serve in MINISTRY of all types, than men! WANT to be a GREAT WOMAN of God? Want to recognize one when you see her men? Here’s a challenge to a gathered group of ASIANS preparing to reach ASIANS. Here is what God says about the MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMAN in the BIBLE! Hannah faced the pain of limited resources, limited time, and limited exposure to God’s Word who immerses herself in God. Yet here is a woman who seeks for and gets just 7 verses and meditates on them so long that they spill out into her prayers. We don’t need breadth as much as depth! And beyond that, the truth she discovers by her meditation is captured by the Spirit of God and recorded in God’s Word. Here is a woman who immersed herself in God in the Old Testament become the role model, hero, and mentor of the greatest woman of the Bible – Mary mother of Jesus. In Luke 2.46ff, it is Mary who quotes Hannah who quotes her meditations upon God in prayer. Are you immersing yourself in God’s Word? Are they spilling from your life? How did this woman live so deeply for the Lord in such a desperate situation with so much adversity and pain?