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Why God Triggers The End Of Days

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God Triggers The End



This week I was examining with some of the finest NextGeneration missionaries in the world–WHY GOD TRIGGERS THE END OF DAYS. Do you REALIZE how much God has left for us to know about the future?
I hold in my hand the ONE Book that God wrote—the Bible.
This one book, made up of 66 books has a total of 31,103 verses.
Of all the verses in the Bible 8,352 verse are prophetic or spoke to future events. All Biblical predictions about the future in these thousands of verses can be grouped into 737 different predictions.
Of these 8,352 verses, 6,312 (or 522 different predictions) have already happened to the letter, JUST LIKE God’s Word said they would.
That leaves just about 2,040 verses with 215 specific predictions from God about the end of the world that are in the process of being fulfilled.
So, the Bible contains many specific events that would signal the end of days for life on planet earth as it has been for the past several thousand years.
Each of the prophetic signs Christ and His apostles gave is specific and not vague.
Jesus explained to us in Matthew 24, verses 8 and 33-34—that these events would begin at the same time, run concurrently, and crescendo like the pains of a woman giving birth—the closer we get to His Second coming.
God Triggers The End

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